Education & Training

Medical Students

The UTRGV School of Medicine is committed to providing a forward-thinking medical education experience that graduates physicians dedicated to practicing scientific, evidence-based, and patient-centered medicine in any setting, but particularly in under-served communities. The curriculum provides a unique educational experience that integrates basic science disciplines, clinical skills, and professional development throughout the four year program by incorporating and promoting:

  • The principles of evidence-based practice and scientific research;
  • Community and population-based health care;
  • Patient advocacy and cultural awareness;
  • Inter-professional collaboration and communication;
  • Ethical and professional behavior; and
  • Life-long learning and problem-solving.

The school’s distinctive geographic location at the border of the US and Mexico offers a rich bicultural experience that will afford students with the opportunity to experience and to learn about border medicine and the interplay between the cross-cultural, socio-economic and environmental determinants of health.

Our charter class of 50 students will enjoy the benefits of personalized attention from our dedicated faculty of clinicians and scientists as well as our experienced staff.


The Graduate Medical Education process prepares physicians for the independent practice of medicine and to assist in the development of a commitment to the life-long learning process that is critical for maintaining professional growth and competency. We commit ourselves to offer graduate medical education programs in which physicians in learning develop personal, clinical, and professional competence under the guidance and supervision of the faculty and staff outstanding in their respective fields and who are committed to teaching.  The faculty is actively engaged in providing teaching and mentorship to our trainees that will enhance their educational experiences and facilitate their success. The Institution and its leadership are committed to provide the necessary educational, financial and human resources to support and maintain excellence in graduate medical education.

Our goal is to provide the best training possible to help our residents achieve the competencies necessary to pursue whatever medical career they choose. Residency education will be provided with empathy, humanism, sound professional and ethical knowledge, and with the skills and attitudes needed to provide excellent health services.

Residency Programs

Doctors Hospital at Renaissance

Maria de Jesus Munoz, MD, FAAFP,
Associate Program Director

The UTRGV/DHR Family Medicine Program is located just a couple of miles away from the Us Mexico Border and only 1 hour away from South Padre Island. It’s unique location provides residents exposure to Pathology that is typically found in underdeveloped and resource poor countries. Doctor’s hospital at Renaissance which is the sponsoring institution, provides the residency with a state of the art facility located in close proximity to the hospital. With 900 deliveries a month, residents have an opportunity work side by side with the attending physicians, which facilitates learning. Here, residents and student’s alike, will receive training that will prepare them to care for the people of the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.


Knapp Medical Center

Miguel Tello, MD,
Program Director for Knapp

Welcome to the Knapp-UTRGV Family Practice Residency Program. We are excited about Family Medicine and the role that we play in healthcare delivery. At Knapp-UTRGV, not only are we interested in the biopsychosocial approach, which is common to family medicine, but we teach Family Medicine with a twist; care in a more complex system that includes cultural, spiritual, and population/ system-based health care delivery to at-risk populations. Our ultimate goal is to provide care to South Texas and reduce healthcare disparities and achieve health equity. Established in 2016, and located in Mercedes, Texas, The Knapp-UTRGV Family Practice Residency program provides comprehensive integrated, clinical and didactic education throughout the three-year curriculum. We are a 6/6/6 program and our main teaching hospital is Knapp Medical Center, located in Weslaco, Texas.

Sports Med @ Knapp:

Our sports medicine curriculum has both a month-long rotation and a longitudinal component. During the month-long rotation, residents work alongside a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and a board-certified sports medicine physician. As part of their longitudinal experience, residents have the opportunity to attend sporting events, during their 3 years of training, and work in the role as team physician and attend to injured athletes.


McAllen Medical Center

Sunand Kallumadanda, MD,
Program Director

Established in 1977 as the first residency program in the Rio Grande Valley, McAllen Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program provides a comprehensive and evidence-based training experience with proper autonomy. As an unopposed program, our residents get hands-on experience that allows them to become competent in a vast array of challenges from running codes and intubations to performing c-sections. Being a diverse multicultural program, we have physicians from around the world that bring their expertise to South Texas. With a friendly atmosphere and supportive faculty, our residents truly thrive in medicine.