Welcome to the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine. We are a unique community, pursuing a singular mission - to provide creative, innovative solutions to the brain health problems of one of the most underserved communities in the country here in the Rio Grande Valley as well as elsewhere in the world.

Our faculty, trainees and students will seek the frontiers of brain science while working on solving the most puzzling problem of all, which is the tailoring of the best knowledge to each individual patient throughout his/her lifespan.  We obey the ethos of our art with compassion and altruism.

To attain this goal, we have established strong and extensive cooperative arrangements with multiple community partners in the Valley, and internationally to engage, learn and contribute to global brain health. We have a strong infrastructure of talent and resources available locally, and are funded to carry out research in Asia and the Americas on the interactions between genetics and environment in the cause and course of complex illnesses. And, past the boundaries of our world, we look at space as the ultimate frontier, engaging in collaborations with outside researchers to seek solutions to the space adaptation syndrome that may be crucial to the success of future space exploration.

Our vision for research encompasses:

  • neurosciences
  • behavioral sciences
  • brain medicine and engineering to focus on identifying factors contributing to individual risk
  • dissecting pathways to disease and developing treatments aimed at prevention
  • disease modification and brain repair

Our laboratories support studies ranging from the genetics and molecular mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric disorders to global research on predictors of risk, including development of new therapies with neuromodulation techniques.

We are particularly proud of our innovation in educational programs, with a focus on the use of communication sciences and educational technology to promote integration of knowledge throughout the lifespan and across disciplines, from undergraduates, medical students, and residents in psychiatry, neurology and family medicine. We are actively working on adding other disciplines to this mix.

Our clinical programs are nascent, but already span community outreach, acute and emergency treatment, in-patient hospitalization, general outpatient services, and various specialized services, with current plans to add partial and intensive outpatient programs in the near future.

If you are drawn by the frontier spirit, we want to welcome you to our team in the Rio Grande Valley.