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Expressive Arts, Creativity for Personal Growth and Healing

Expressive Arts is a multimodal approach to therapeutic experiences that utilizes arts, drama, dance, writing, music and other creative processes to assist a wide variety of people. An experienced expressive arts practitioner encourages individuals to explore their responses, reactions, and insights through pictures, sounds, photographs, words, etc. It is through the use of the individual’s senses that the deep-seated emotions and insights can become recognized by the person with the guided help of an Expressive Arts practitioner and healing may occur or distress may be minimized. A person is not required to have artistic ability to use or benefit from expressive arts therapy ( therapy).
Expressive arts can strengthen and enhance traditional “talk therapy” by acknowledging that each person’s process of gaining insight is unique. While one individual may like and benefit from talk therapy, another person may prefer to use journaling, movement, art, music, or a combination of different modalities to heighten the therapeutic process.
Each expressive arts modality is unique and can be applied in combinations by a qualified expressive arts facilitator. For example, journaling might be an appropriate expressive outlet for someone new to therapy; or another person might benefit most from the use of movement or drama. Different modalities may be used at any point in the therapeutic process.

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