External Funding Process

Grant and External Award Process

The Office of Sponsored Programs will assist you throughout this process and will continue to work collaboratively with the Offices of Grants & Contracts and Grants Accounting until the close-out of the project.

1. Preparing and submitting proposals. 2.Award negotiation and acceptance.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) facilities the securing of external funding in research, scholarship, creative activities/works and public service related projects for all faculty and staff at the institution.
In addition, OSP ensures compliance in adherence to institutional and sponsor polices and regulations. 

Submitting a proposal:
Intent to Submit a Proposal
CAYUSE 424 (Electronic Proposal Submission)

3. Account set up.  4. Award management.  5. Financial reports and invoicing.

The Office of Grants & Contracts (G&C) will help you manage your award, and prepare and forward invoices to the funding agency. G&C is responsible for ensuring financial compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, as well as university policies and procedures. 

6. Funds drawdown and collections.

The Office of Grants Accounting (GA) will ensure proper accounting of your award funds. 

7. Award close out.

OSP, G&C, and GA will work collaboratively to ensure successful compliant close out of sponsored projects.

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