Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Services


The Rehabilitative Services Program is an integral part of the School of Rehabilitative Services and Counseling and aligns its mission with the school, the College, and the University. The Program is committed to providing high quality undergraduate education to Rehabilitative Services students on a variety of subjects and issues related to people with disabilities. There is a focus on the integration of theory and practice with and ongoing emphasis on experiential learning.


The overall goal of the Program is to prepare graduates to enter the work force in professional positions with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to assist people with disabilities to live full, independent lives. Graduates are also well prepared to enter graduate school.


  1. Graduates will gain the ability to perform case management, job placement and assessment services for people with disabilities.
  2. Graduates will have an attitude that respects the individual and shows an understanding of the disability experience.
  3. Graduates will gain the knowledge about rehabilitation/psychological theories, practices, legislation, and public policy as related to people with disabilities.
  4. Graduates will gain the knowledge of medical and psychological aspects of disabilities.
  5. Graduates will gain the ability to apply technology to assist individuals with disabilities to enhance their quality of life.