Automatic Rate Adjustment of Vacant Staff Positions


    The motivating factor for adjustments of vacant staff positions is to increase efficiency and effectiveness of university operations by releasing resources for use in high priority areas.  The approach helps maintain the institution’s financial health while effectively allocating resources to areas of need.

    This policy also allows the institution to effectively manage its pay plan by ensuring that higher rates are not offered simply because of salaries rates that may have increased over the years.  With the approach discussed here, the institution will retain flexibility by offering premium salaries in only exceptionally justified situations.


    This policy covers all staff positions funded by non-restricted projects.


    When a vacancy occurs, adjustments will be effected by the Planning and Analysis Office as follows:

    a. The budgeted rate for a classified position will be set at the lower of the mid-point of the salary range or the vacated rate.

    b. When an administrative & professional (A&P) or classified position is filled at a salary lower than the budgeted rate, the savings will be swept.

    c. Savings from institutionally funded projects will be placed in institutional reserve projects under the Division of Finance and Administration. ii

    d. Savings from auxiliary operations will be placed in reserve projects within each respective group (i.e., Student Union, Housing, etc.).

    e. Savings from self-funded projects will remain in the same project.

    f. Approval of the respective vice president and the EVP for Finance and Administration is required if a department seeks to reduce a vacant staff position salary to fund an increase in another position salary.

iInstitutional funds include, but are not limited to, state appropriations, tuition, investment income, and service funds.

iiSpecial line item projects shall be swept only to the extent the budgets exceed appropriated amounts. However, the School of Medicine special line item, as it funds many projects, shall be swept to a reserve under the Dean of the School of Medicine.