Vaquero Roundup

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who has to attend Vaquero Roundup?
All new "Entering Freshman" students registered to begin classes in Summer I, Summer II or Fall 2018 as “official” college students.  This means anyone who has recently graduated high school in May/June 2018.

What is Vaquero Roundup?
Vaquero Roundup is the 2nd and most important part of your mandatory New Student Orientation. It is a 1-day interactive welcome event that kicks off the fall semester before the first class day, Monday, August 27th!

When is Vaquero Roundup?
You have two options, August 22nd on the Brownsville Campus or August 24th on the Edinburg Campus. Students who registered for one of these two dates when selecting their orientation date on ASSIST will  be reminded of the date selected via phone, email, and postcard. This event is from 8am-5pm

Where is Vaquero Roundup held?
On both the UTRGV Edinburg and Brownsville campuses, depending on the date selected.

Why do I have to attend Vaquero Roundup?
Because it is the 2nd and most important part to completing your orientation to UTRGV! There is so much UTRGV has to offer that we just could not cover it all in the 1-day orientation sessions. We do NOT want for you to miss out on anything as a student so we want to make sure you have all the information available. Even though this event is mandatory it does NOT mean it will be boring, check out last year's "Vaquero Roundup" video on the top of this page and Photo Gallery from past events. We all had a blast and look forward to 2018 because it will definitely be bigger and better. We look forward to seeing you in V Nation!

UTRGV has so much to offer that we can’t fit it all in a 1-day orientation. We do NOT want you to miss out on any of the many opportunities and information UTRGV has available to our students. To get a taste of all the fun, check out last year’s “Vaquero Roundup” video and photo gallery. We look forward to making the Vaquero Roundup 2018 bigger and better. See you in V Nation!

Click Here for Vaquero Roundup Photo Gallery