Microsoft Planner

Microsoft (MS) Planner is a work management application that you organize and manage teamwork. You can create teams, assign tasks, organize and update plans, share files, communicate and collaborate with others. 

Features include:

  • Team collaboration
  • Create, organize, and update tasks
  • View project progress
  • Get update notification on tasks and plans
  • Share files


MS Planner provides a focal point so team members know what everyone is working on at all times. Planner lets you create plans, organize and assign tasks, work collaboratively with others, share files, and keep team members informed on updates and progress with visual dashboards and email notifications.

MS Planner Classifications

  • Project Leaders are users that maintain project's information, assign tasks to team members, and grant site permission settings.
  • Team Members are users who contribute and edit information on the project but do not have privileges to create a new project.

MS Planner Project Leader and their Responsibilities

Project Leaders are the primary contacts for team members. They have the ability to add and remove members, configure sharing permissions, and add apps (i.e. announcements, task list, and calendar).

If a Project Leader leaves employment, the account will be deactivated.

Project Leaders are responsible for:

  • Providing assistance to their Team Members
  • Managing Team Members' permissions
  • Ensuring documents uploaded to their site meet data classification standards
  • Maintaining site contents

Team Member and their Responsibilities:

Team Members are everyday users of MS Planner tasks that can view and add content to their task. MS Planner site contents are not visible to other people unless a Project Leader specifically invites them to join the project.

Please note: Team Members will not be able to create Projects on MS Planner. This permission is only available for the Project Leader that has submitted an Access Request Form.

If a Team Member needs access to a folder, document, or content on the MS Planner project, it is recommended that they consult with the Project Leader before calling IT Service Desk.

If you need help configuring document sharing, please contact your Project Leader.


Project Leader Access
  • Submit an Access Request for MS Planner through
  • Log in to
  • Click the Office 365 icon under Applications.
  • Click on the blue window from the top menu.
  • Click on Planner.

Training & Resources

Learn how to use MS Planner with step-by-step instructions. For more information, access the MS Planner User Guide.