Minitab® is a powerful statistical analysis software that automates calculations and graphs. It allows you to import data and easily correct any mismatches, manipulate and format your data to your liking right in the worksheet, graphs are automatically updated as you edit or add data, and effortlessly create presentations by exporting graphs straight to Microsoft PowerPoint or share your output by exporting it to Microsoft Word. Minitab® provides tools to turn your data into solutions.

Minitab® can be used for:

  • Basic Statistics (Descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, etc.)
  • Data Analysis 
  • Data Visualization (Scatter plots, matrix plots, histograms, charts, etc.), and much more!


Provide students, faculty, and staff a powerful statistical and graphical analysis software that is easy to use to obtain accurate and reliable results.


University Computers

  • Minitab® can ONLY be installed on University-owned computers at the following campuses:
    • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley - Brownsville
    • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley - Edinburg 
    • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley - Harlingen 
    • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley - South Padre Island

NOTE: Minitab® CANNOT be installed on computers located in hospitals or clinics.



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