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Use the Conference Feature on Cisco Unified IP Phone 8845

You can use conference calls to speak with several people from different locations on the same call. 

Start a Conference Call (ad hoc) and Add Participants

  1. From an active call (not on hold), press Conference
  2. Enter the phone number of a participant and press Call.
  3. Press Conference.
  4. Repeat these steps to add more participants.

"Conference in" a Call that is on Hold

  1. From an active call, press Conference
  2. Press Active Calls and select the call that is on hold.
  3. Press Conference.

Switching Between a Conference Call and a Call Not in Conference 

Use this option if you need to talk to a participant before adding them to a conference call or when switching between a conference call and a call with a person who is not in the conference.

  • To talk to a person before adding them to the conference:
    1. Enter the person's phone number and press Call.
    2. DO NOT press Conference. Wait until the call is connected.
    3. Discuss any relevant or private information with the person, then let them know you will be adding them to the conference call.
    4. Press Conference to add them to the conference.
  • To switch between a conference call and a call with an individual participant:
    1. Press Swap to toggle between the participant and the conference.

View and Remove Participants from a Conference Call

If you started the conference call, as the conference host, you can view the details of the last 16 participants who were added as well as remove participants. 

  • To view details of participant:
    1. Press Show Details.
  • To remove a specific participant:
    1. Highlight the participant you want to remove.
    2. Press Remove.

Scheduled Conference Calls (Meet-Me Conferencing)

You can host or join a conference call at a scheduled time with Meet-Me Conferencing.

A Meet-Me conference call does not start until the host dials in and ends when all participants hang up. A Meet-Me conference call does not automatically end when the host hangs up. 

  • Hosting a Meet-Me Conference

Before You Begin:

Submit a Service Request to Telephone Services for a Meet-Me conference telephone number. The conference host must distribute the assigned Meet-Me conference telephone number to the conference participants. 

To start the Meet-Me conference:

    1. Lift handset to get a dial tone.
    2. Press Meet-Me.
    3. Dial the assigned Meet-Me conference telephone number
  • Join a Meet-Me Conference

You cannot join a Meet-Me conference until the conference host dials in. If you hear a busy signal, the host has not yet dialed into the conference. Hang up and try again. 

To join a Meet-Me conference:

1. Dial the assigned Meet-Me conference telephone number provided by the conference host at the scheduled time.

To learn more about this service, visit the Telephone Conferencing Services service page.