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Set Up your iPad - School of Medicine Students

To set up your iPad:

  1. Select language, country/region, and Wi-Fi network eduroam.
  2. Enter your UTRGV credentials (email address and password).
  3. Press Trust on the top right corner of the screen and press Next.
  4. Set up Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) as well as a 6 digit passcode for iPad.
  5. Enter your Apple ID and password. To create an Apple ID:
    a. Enter your date of birth.
    b. Enter your name.
    c. Enter an email address or create one with iCloud.
    d. Create a password for your account.
    e. Select and answer the security questions.
    f. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Press Set up later on the iCloud Keychain message.
  7. Press Continue on the True Tone Display message.
  8. Press Get started on the Welcome to iPad message.
  9. From the Home Screen open the App Store.
  10. Search for any app to download (example: PowerPoint).
  11. When you find the app, press Get/Install.
  12. Enter your Apple ID and password. You may need to verify your Apple ID:
    a. Confirm your Country/Region.
    b. Agree to the App Store Terms and Conditions.
    c. Enter your billing information (payment type, name, billing address).
  13. After verification is complete press Get/Install again.
  14. Confirm the app installed by locating it on the Home Screen.
  15. Set up your UTRGV email address.
  16. Verify that the following apps downloaded automatically:
    BodyViz, Notability, Essential Anatomy 5.

To learn more about this service, visit the Network Connection service page.