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Request a Departmental Website

An authorized representative from the department, division, college, or organization requesting the website must submit a service request through ServiceNow.

To request a departmental website:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the ServiceNow icon under Applications.
  3. Click Service Request under Need new service?
  4. Select Self or On Behalf of under Options.
    • NOTE: Select On Behalf of, if you're opening a request on behalf of someone else.
  5.  Select Name of the person requesting the service.
    • NOTE: Your name is the default. If you're submitting a request on behalf of someone else, click the magnifying glass search icon to search for their name. Verify the user you selected is correct by hovering the mouse pointer over the User Information icon.
  6. Enter the Contact Number of the person requesting the service where they can be contacted directly for a follow-up.
  7. Enter the City, Building, and Room location where the request is needed.
    • NOTE: This information is necessary to ensure technician is dispatched to the correct location.
  8. For Short Description, enter New Website Creation for [Name of department/division/college/organization].
  9. For Service Request Description, enter a detailed description of the website's intended use, department name, department head and who will be in charge of the project from your department.
  10. Click Order Now.

Website Request Process

  • Web Services will contact the customer and schedule a meeting to review website requirements such as:
      • Target audience
      • Content to be displayed
      • Recommend best practices
      • Establish project deadlines
      • Your website consultant's contact information  
  • Customer provides Web Services the material for the website content. 
    • NOTE: Customer assumes all responsibility for the website content. 
  • Web Developer will create the website structure, including all navigable pages and pages with stored files associated with the website., using approved UTRGV branding templates.
  • Website draft is approved by the customer.
  • Website is created. 
  • Customer is informed when the website structure/navigation is completed.
  • Identify website content contributors, if any. All website contributors must submit an Access Request Form.
    • NOTE: This serves as documentation that user access was granted on the approval of the customer's supervisor and the Project Manager.
  • Permissions are assigned based on information gathered from the Access Request Form.
  • Accessibility checkers are administered to ensure the website complies with Section 508.
  • Customer and web developer team will work to include requested content on newly created pages.
    • If customer has been assigned to enter content, they are responsible to informed the web developer when task has been completed.
    • If web developer has been assigned to enter content, they are responsible to informed his/her customer when task has been completed.
  • Go-Live Date is set.
  • The customer is notified when the website is live.
  • The website URL is provided to the customer.

To learn more about this service, visit the Website Content Management service page.