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Send an eFax from Your UTRGV Email Account

1. Compose a new email in Microsoft Outlook from your UTRGV email account.

Email Address Format

2. Enter in the To field. Depending on the eFax (Internal, External Local, External Long Distance eFax), the email address format will vary.  See table below for more information. 

Type of Fax

Fax Extension Format

Email Address Format

UTRGV Internal Fax

(eFax sent to a UTRGV  fax number)

9 + 7 digit UTRGV Fax Number + 




  McAllen/Rio Grande City/SPI:    

  • Note: Currently not applicable at these campuses. Use established faxing methods.  

External Local Fax

(eFax sent to a local number outside UTRGV)

9 + 7-digit number +

External Long Distance Fax

(eFax sent to long distance fax number outside UTRGV)

9 +1 + 3 digit area code+ 7 digit number  

(long distance code not required)

NOTE: Do not use hyphen (-) to separate digits.

Note: To fax multiple numbers at one time, separate each email address with a semi-colon (;).


Fax Cover Letter

3. Enter a Subject. Include your contact information (phone number and email address) and any additional text you want to add in the body of the email.

PLEASE NOTE: A cover letter with the sender's basic information will automatically be generated. If you expect a fax reply from the recipient, be sure to include your contact information in the body of the email. Text entered in the body of the email will appear in the bottom portion of the fax cover letter. All outgoing UTRGV faxes will appear as being sent from the UTRGV main number. This is not a real fax number. 

File Attachment Types

4. Attach the file you want to send.

The file attachment types allowed are: 

  • Images (jpeg, jpg, gif, png, bmp, tiff)
  • Adobe (pdf)
  • Text (ASCII) (txt)
  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Documents (docx, xlsx, pptx)
  • Microsoft  Visio (Note: Not available at the Brownsville and Harlingen Campuses)
  • Microsoft Project (Note: Not available at the Brownsville and Harlingen Campuses)

5. Click Send.  

Confirmation Email

6. A confirmation email will be sent to you indicating if your fax was sent successfully or if there were any problems. 

Return Status Codes

The 20 most commonly received Return Status Codes are listed below. There are over 100 possible Return Status Codes for a fax transmission.  

Return Status Code



All pages OK


Lost communication with called fax machine


Received page quality deemed unacceptable by fax machine


FAXCOM unable to transmit due to noisy phone connection


FAXCOM detected voice answer; please check number


Early disconnect: remote fax requested disconnect before image was transmitted


Late disconnect; remote fax requested disconnect after image was transmitted.


No dial tone detected


Called fax machine busy


Phone network busy


Called phone number ringing but no answer


Incompatible Group-I fax


Incompatible Group-II fax


Non-fax modem detected


No destination phone number specified


Fax port modem detected


After dialing, no telephone network response


Error converting attachment to fax format


This job was manually deleted

To learn more about this service, visit the eFax service page