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UTRGV Calendar

What is the UTRGV Calendar?

The UTRGV Calendar is an interactive and mobile-friendly calendar that allows you to browse the many university events – concerts, athletic events, theater performances, festivals, and so much more – happening at UT Rio Grande Valley.

Who can access the UTRGV Calendar?

The UTRGV Calendar is accessible to the university community (students, faculty, and staff) and the public.

What kind of events can be found on the UTRGV Calendar?

The UTRGV Calendar contains University approved and sponsored events only. Our university events are open to a large audience, such as students, staff, faculty, and the general public. Some events may be free while others may require the purchase of tickets.

Why do we need an events calendar for the university?

The UTRGV Calendar is an excellent way for the university community to promote their major public campus events and at the same time bring the public to our campus to experience the Vaquero culture at its best. In addition, the calendar is a self-serve system that allows university faculty and staff to upload university-sponsored events for their respective divisions or departments.

Who can submit events?

The UTRGV Calendar is viewable by the public, but only UTRGV faculty and staff members with UTRGV credentials (employee email and password) can submit events to this self-serve system. For official student organizations interested in posting events to the UTRGV Calendar, please contact your student organization advisor or a supervisor, to submit your calendar item.

How do I sign up?

If you are a university faculty and staff member, you already have access. Just log in with your UTRGV credentials (employee email and password) and start creating your own profile.

Why do I need to sign up?

Even though you can view the UTRGV Calendar without signing in, you can’t submit events.

How do I submit an event?

Log in at

  1. Click the “Login” button and enter your UTRGV credentials (UTRGV email and password) or click “Submit an Event” on the right side of the screen and then enter your credentials.
  2. Fill in the “Add a Public Event” form.
  3. To check on your event once it has been submitted, click on “Me” in the toolbar next to the calendar search button. On the bottom right, you can see a list of your events that are currently in the queue.

Please visit Submit an Event to UTRGV Calendar page for full instructions

Once I submit events to the UTRGV Calendar, what happens?

UTRGV’s News and Internal Communications Office will edit, approve or reject your event. To ensure your events get posted on time, please plan the submission of events in advance, if possible. Submit your events at least a week in advance for review and editing. If your event has been approved or rejected, you will receive a notice via email. If you need events (or cancellations) to show up faster, contact us at and we will try to accommodate.

What are the criteria for submitting events?

First, all event submissions will be reviewed and edited for publication by the UTRGV News and Internal Communications Office. If your submissions do not meet the criteria below, your event will be rejected. Before submitting an event, please make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • The event must be sponsored by an academic or administrative unit or by an officially sanctioned university organization (including university sponsored and registered student organizations).
  • The event is of wide interest to the UTRGV community (i.e., not a regular department/organization business meeting).
  • The event does not contain any offensive or inappropriate content.

Do you have any tips for submitting events?

When submitting an event to the UTRGV Calendar, remember that university departments and personnel who post events are responsible for their content and compliance. Here are some things to remember before submitting events:

  • Review content for accuracy and compliance.
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Do not post personal or non-university related events.
  • When submitting a photo to go with the event, please submit as JPG only. No PDFs. So always export the PDF to JPG and upload it as the photo.

I still can’t figure out how to submit an event to the UTRGV Calendar, can you help?

Please send an email to to request individual or small-group tutorials. For further assistance, documentation is also available at

My calendar item was rejected, but when I went back to edit it I could not find it? What happened?

Once your event has been rejected, the event cannot be retrieved from the system. So you will have to resubmit the event for approval.

How can I get my event highlighted in the Featured Events section?

Featured Events are events that have a prime real estate inside the calendar carousel on the main calendar page. The UTRGV News and Internal Communications Office will select which event will appear in this area based on several evaluations and assessments, including the impact and type of event and the amount of information provided for the event. The more information provided results in a higher percentage of expected reach or “audience awareness” of an event.

Only 10 events are featured in the calendar carousel at a time. Please contact us to have your event considered for that section. Your event must be labeled “FEATURED” in the description section in order for our team to consider your event.

I’m confused about how the start and end dates for one-time events and recurring events work?

Entering a date when submitting an event:
Entering a start date for your event has become a bit simpler with our calendar. For example, there are several ways you can enter a date:

  • Oct 3
  • October 3
  • 10/3
  • Next Friday
  • Tomorrow
  • 10/3/14, etc.

As you type the date, the field below will update accordingly.
The same goes for the time. You would only need to input “6pm” or “8am” and the event will be registered for that set time. Please make sure you include a start and end time.

Recurring Events:

A recurring event is any event that happens more than once. Instead of entering two or more separate listings, the UTRGV Calendar event form offers recurring events options that connect the various dates to one listing that will be displayed on the respective results pages for each instance. Recurring events include two layers:
Event: This is the overarching “what is happening.” For example, if the Open House event spans multiple days then each day is one instance.
*By default events are set to never recur, but you have multiple options to create complex schedules.

If you have any questions concerning the posting of events, please contact the UTRGV News & Internal Communications Office for assistance. Email Melissa Vasquez at or call 956-665-8926.