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Lean Improvement in Progressive Assembly Line (PAL)

Lean Challenge Matamoros

Four UTRGV international students were selected to participate in the Lean Improvement in Progressive Assembly Line (PAL) at General Electric-Lineage Power in Matamoros. The project consisted on applying manufacturing lean techniques including Kanban, 8 Disciplines of problem solving, 5 Whys, Just in Time, among many others.

The General Electric-Lineage Power in Matamoros allowed the student to put what they’ve learned into practice. Some of the activities will include the use of Value Stream Map (VSM). The VSM will assist the students identified the inventory in every station of the assembly line which will lead them to the bottleneck, where the flow in a process line stops or goes slower.

The goal is this project is to minimize waste in the manufacturing of products, reduce cost, and increase productivity by identifying bottlenecks and apply Kaizen principles for continues improvement.


La Prensa

UTRGV, cuenta actualmente con 1000 estudiantes internacionales de más de 65 países. Entrevista con nuestra Directora, Samantha Lopez.