Program Coordinators

Below you will find a list of Program Coordinators by program. Program Coordinators are faculty members who will guide you throughout your entire graduate program from admissions through graduation. If you have questions, they have answers. Feel free to contact them at any point of your graduate career.

Graduate Degrees

Robert C. Vackar College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Doctoral Degrees
Business Administration (Ph.D.) Dr. Sharon Schembri
Master’s Degrees

Accountancy (MACC)

Dr. Penny Simpson

Linda Acevedo

Deborah Gonzalez

Business Administration (MBA)

Dr. Akinloye Akindayomi

Business Administration – Spanish (MBA)

Dr. Clara Downey

Certificate Programs
Advanced Business Administration

Dr. Akinloye Akindayomi

Health Care Administration Leadership

Dr. Akinloye Akindayomi

College of Education and P-16 Integration

Doctoral Degrees
Curriculum and Instruction (Ed.D.) Dr. Laura Jewett
Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) Dr. Roberto A. Peña 
Master’s Degrees
Bilingual Education (M.Ed.) Kip Austin Hinton, Ph.D.

Counseling (M.Ed.)

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • School Counseling

Dr. Eunice Lerma
Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)

Prof. James Telese

Dr. Kathy Bussert- Webb (Digital Literacy Specialization)

Curriculum & Instruction in Elementary Math and Science Education (MED)

Dr. James Jupp (Primary Contact)

Prof. James Telese

Curriculum & Instruction in Mathematics Education (MED)

Dr. James Jupp (Primary Contact)

Prof. James Telese

Early Childhood Education (M.Ed.) Dr. Hilda Medrano
Educational Leadership (M.Ed.) Dr. Federico Guerra
Educational Technology (M.Ed.) Dr. Rene Corbeil
Reading and Literacy (M.Ed.) Dr. Janine Schall
School Psychology (MA) Dr. Nancy Razo
Special Education (M.Ed.) Dr. John Lowdermilk
Certification Programs
Board Certified Behavior Analyst  Dr. Cheryl Fielding
Teacher Certification (Superintendent) Dr. Roberto Zamora
Teacher Certification (Principal) Dr. Alejandro Garcia
Certificate Programs
Bilingual Education Dr. Michael Guerrero
Digital Literacy Leader Dr. Kathy Bussert-Webb
E-Learning Dr. Rene Corbeil 
Higher Education Teaching Dr. Bobbette Morgan
Reading Specialist Dr. Janine M Schall 
Secondary Bilingual Education  Coming soon! Coming soon!
Technology Leadership in Education Dr. Joseph Corbeil
TxVSN Digital Literacies Dr. Kathy Bussert-Webb
Master Reading Teacher Dr. Janine Schall

College of Health Affairs

Doctoral Degrees
Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) in cooperation with the University of Texas at Austin
Rehabilitation Counseling (Ph.D.) Dr. Jerome Fischer
Master’s Degrees
Communication Sciences and Disorders (MS) Dr. Donald R. Fuller
Exercise Science (MS) Dr. Murat Karabulut
Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN) Dr. Beatriz Bautista  

Health Sciences (MS)

  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Health Care Administration
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Nutrition

Dr. Saraswathy Nair

Ms. Kim Garcia 

Kinesiology (MS) Dr. Zasha Romero
Nursing Administration (MSN)

Dr. Eloisa Tamez

Dr. Juanita Acebedo

Dr. Dahlia Rojas

Nursing Education (MSN)

Dr. Eloisa Tamez

Dr. Juanita Acebedo

Dr. Dahlia Rojas

Occupational Therapy (MS) Dr. Shirley Wells
Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) Mr. Frank Ambriz
Physician Assistant Studies – Bridge Program (MPAS) Mr. Frank Ambriz
Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling (MS) Dr. Elizabeth Palacios 
Social Work (MSSW) Dr. John Gonzalez 
Social Work - Administration and Community Practice (Advanced Standing) (MSSW)- Accelerated Online Dr. Sudershan Pasupuleti
Social Work - Direct Practice with Latino Individuals, Families, and Groups (Advanced Standing) (MSSW)- Accelerated Online Dr. Sudershan Pasupuleti
Certificate Programs
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Dr. Eloisa Tamez

College of Sciences

Doctoral Degrees
Doctoral Degrees
Physics (Ph.D.) in cooperation with the University of Texas at Arlington
Master’s Degrees
Agricultural, Environmental, and Sustainability Sciences (MS) Dr. Christopher Gabler
Biology (MS) Dr. Robert Dearth
Chemistry (MS) Dr. Evangelia Kotsikorou
Interdisciplinary Studies (MSIS)
Science & Technology
Dr. Edgar Corpuz
Mathematics (MS) Dr. Zhijun Qiao
Ocean, Coastal and Earth Sciences (MS) Dr. Abdullah F. Rahman
Physics (MS) Dr. Malik Rakhmanov 

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Master’s Degrees
Civil Engineering (MS)

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Raheem

Computer Science (MS) Dr. Zhixiang Chen
Electrical Engineering (MSE) Dr. Hasina Huq
Engineering Management (MS) Dr. Jianzhi Li
Information Technology (MS) Dr. Zhixiang Chen
Mechanical Engineering (MSE) Dr. Horacio Vasquez
Manufacturing Engineering (MSE) Dr. Jianzhi Li
Certificate Programs
Materials Dr. Horacio Vasquez
Mechanics and Design Dr. Constantine Tarawneh
Thermal Fluid Science Dr. Constantine Tarawneh

College of Fine Arts

Master’s Degrees
Art (MFA) Dr. Robert Bradley 
Creative Writing (MFA) Dr. Britt Haraway
Music (MM) Dr. Cynthia Cripps
Art History

Dr. Robert Bradley

Certificate Programs

Dr. Robert Bradley

Latin American Art History

Dr. Carlos De Souza

Dr. Robert Bradley

College of Liberal Arts

Doctoral Degrees
Clinical Psychology (PhD) Dr. Arthur Cantos 
Master’s Degrees
Criminal Justice (MS) Dr. Thomas White
Communication (MA) Dr. Aje-Ori Agbese
Clinical Psychology (MA) Dr. Jason Popan
Disaster Studies (MA)

Dr. William Donner

Dr. Dawid Wladlyka

English (MA)

Dr. Mark Noe

Dr. Javier Martinez 

Experimental Psychology (MA) Dr. Jason Popan
English as a 2nd Language (MA) Dr. Mark Noe
History (MA) Dr. Megan Birk
Political Science (MA) Dr. Paul Jorgensen
Public Affairs (MPA) Dr. Aziza Zemrani
Dr. Terence Garrett
Sociology (MS) Dr. Igor Ryabov
Spanish (MA) Dr. Hugo Mejias
Spanish Translation and Interpreting (MA) Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez Nunez
Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)
Anthropology Dr. Margaret Graham
Mexican American Studies Dr. Christopher Carmona
English Dr. Joe Noe
History Dr. Megan Birk
Certificate Programs
Advanced Placement Spanish Literature Dr. Hugo Mejías
Board Certified Behavioral Analyst Dr. Jason Popan
Communication Training and Consulting Dr. Aje-Ori Agbese
Court Interpreting Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez Nunez
Gender and Women’s Studies Dr. Linda English
Healthcare Interpreting Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez Nunez
Literary Translation Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez Nunez
Localization and Audiovisual Translation Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez Nunez
Media Relations and Strategic Communication Dr. Aje-Ori Agbese
Mexican American Studies Dr. Chris Carmona

Secondary English Language Arts Dr. Mark Noe
Spanish Translation and Interpreting Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez Nunez