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Skype Writing Consultation Request

Note: You will receive an email affirming your request for a Skype appointment, followed by another email confirming your appointment time and date. If you do not receive a response email within 24 hours of your submission, please call our office at (956)665-2538 to ensure that we have received your form and no technical issues have occurred. Appointment set up may be delayed during times of peak activity such as mid-terms and finals when writing consultants are occupied with walk-ins. Forms submitted on the weekend will not be processed until sometime during business hours on Monday.

Session Date and Time Preference (not available on Friday after 12pm):

To upload multiple files, please attach a zipped folder. The maximum file size is 20MB.
Acceptable files that can be uploaded: images, Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, excel spreadsheets, text files, and zip files.