Hand Signs

Students posing with Vaquero poster and displaying hand signs

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley recognizes two hand signs as the spirit symbols. 

The two-handed hand sign was created by students from the HERD, the official student section of UTRGV Athletics, and represents the Vaqueros. 

The right hand is brought up to symbolize “rope’em” and represents the Vaquero and a symbol of strength. The left hand is brought up to symbolize the State of Texas. Both hands are brought together (right behind left) to form the “V”.  The hand sign has been adopted by The Herd, Student Athletes, Staff and community members and is highly visible at athletic and spirit themed events. 

Creators of Hand Sign: Amanda Aguilar, Dinorah Flores, Antonio Forina, Dianne Dublado, Mar Gonzalez, Henry Fisher and Aylin Reta.