Teaching Assistant Institute


The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is designed to promote teaching effectiveness across various disciplinary communities and faculty ranks, and to enhance productive connections for faculty research and teaching. The community of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) is one of the faculty communities the CTE serves. In 2015, the CTE, in collaboration with the Graduate Office, launched the Teaching Assistant Institute (TAI).


The TAI exists to build a sustainable interdisciplinary community of GTAs by providing on-going research-based pedagogical support in order to 1) fulfill the university's mission to become a Tier 1 research university and 2) benefit GTAs professional teaching development to improve the success and retention of students under their instruction.

TAI Goals

  • To develop GTA's from underrepresented groups into full or part-time teaching positions
  • To improve retention rates in lower division undergraduate courses by improving the quality of instruction of GTA-led courses
  • To introduce GTAs to research-based practices in teaching that help produce innovative approaches of instruction
  • To foster collaboration between UTRGV faculty and GTAs
  • To give new and experienced GTAs the ability to create a teaching philosophy consistent with their practices
  • To familiarize GTAs with available services for faculty and students such as: writing center, LAC student services
  • To equip GTAs with knowledge in how to use technology available to instructors in the classroom
  • To engage in ongoing evaluation processes that result in continuous improvement of the program

Accomplishments AY 2016/2017

The following summarizes TAI activity from 22 August 2016- 1 May 2017

  • A total of 204 participants attended the events
  • 112 self-identified as current UTRGV TAs (full time Faculty and Lecturers, UTRGV staff, and outside teachers who are UTRGV grad students also attended the sessions)
  • 41 UTRGV faculty and staff led and/or facilitated a session
  • 45 participants attended two or more events
  • 21 participants earned the Teaching Assistant Certificate of Completion (attended one conference and at least two workshops)
  • It is estimated that the learning of more than 2500 + undergraduate students was indirectly impacted

CTE Teaching Assistant Institute FY 2016-2017 Report

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For more information on this Institute, email CTE at cte@utrgv.edu


Future Plans 2018-2019

Calendar of Events Spring 2018


Syllabus Design Presentation by CTE

Conference September 15th, 2017

Active Learning 

Integrating Technology 

Creating a Strong Teaching Philosophy

Developing a Universal Design Mentality 

Conference January 19th, 2018

Teaching Assistant Institute Conference I Spring 2018 

Teaching on Campus

Learner-Centered Syllabus

Active Learning Strategies

How to Discuss Academic Integrity Early in the Semester

Getting Students to do the Assigned Readings