2016-2017 Fiscal Year Accomplishments-Summary


In FY16-17, CTE events provided countable in-person professional development for faculty and graduate teaching assistants. Below is an overview of major programs and activities.


CTE created 14 partnerships with Office of Community Engagement & Economic Development, Center for Online Learning Teaching and Technology (COLTT), Department of Writing and Language Studies, Engaged Scholarship and Learning, Student Academic Success, University Library, B3 Institute, University Library, Graduate College, Student Accessibility Services, College of Education & P-16 Integration, Internationa Programs & Partnership, Office of Accreditation & Assessment, Office of Sustainability, and Office of the Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs & Diversity 

CTE Faculty Fellows

Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and other offices supported or partially supported 6 CTE fellows on the following programming: teaching and learning symposium, graduate teaching institute, teaching academy, peer observations, service learning, undergraduate research, and live virtual distance teaching.

Conversations on Teaching

CTE supported a number of conversations on topics around teaching and learning. Sessions focused on multicultural and linguistic diversity, online learning, teaching philosophy statements, and live virtual distance teaching. This year, there were 36 teaching conversations.

Graduate Teaching Institute

CTE faculty fellow, Marcela Hebbard, coordinated the graduate teaching institute with 12 Teaching focused events: two all-day conferences, one all-day professional development day, eight workshops, and one social event. A total of 123 GTAs attended at least one event and a total of 204 participants attended all events. These events contributed to 789.75 hours of in-person professional development.

Teaching or Syllabus Consultations

CTE staff helped 65 faculty on syllabus development or individual consultations.

Peer Observation Program

CTE fellow, Dr. Aje-Ori Agbese, created and coordinated a peer observation partner program. She delivered presentations to faculty on how and why to do peer observations. She also worked with faculty who volunteered to participate in the program and provided feedback to improve final narrative letters. A total of 24 faculty members participated in the program.

New Faculty Support Program

CTE provided a 4-hour workshop to new faculty on technology, writing and linguistic diversity, resilience, and teaching effectiveness. A total of 43 faculty participated in the half-day workshop in Edinburg or Brownsville.

Teaching Academy

A CTE faculty fellow designed and explored initial support to establish a teaching academy. Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Diversity and CTE Director will review CAMBIO, an internationally unique CTE academy that would foster a sustainable culture for pedagogical innovation, implementation, and assessment at UTRGV.

General Faculty Development

CTE facilitated 5 general faculty development sessions on accessibility, service learning, accessibility, peer observations, and how to deliver a summer course.

Learning Communities

CTE facilitated learning communities to provide space for faculty members to meet over time and gain a deeper understanding about teaching. For 2016-2017, CTE facilitated 4 learning communities on service learning, undergraduate research, live virtual distance teaching, and multilingual professional development.


CTE opened an office on the Brownsville campus with an opening ceremony in December 2016. Faculty meet at CTE for meetings, teaching conversations, and workshops.


CTE hosted the inaugural UTRGV Teaching and Learning symposium on Friday, May 5th. A total of 103 UTRGV faculty or community members participated in concurrent sessions and/or keynote speech. 


In FY16-17, 407 faculty attended at least one CTE sponsored or co-sponsored event. A total of 1,384 faculty members or graduate teaching assistants attended a CTE or CTE co-sponsored event.

CTE Program Evaluation Report 2016-2017