Travel Guidelines

International Travel

  • UTRGV continues to restrict business travel internationally.


Domestic Travel

  • All state agencies are required to cancel all non-essential business travel. If travel is already booked, it may remain booked until seven (7) days prior to the expected date.
  • Domestic business travel outside of the state of Texas continues to be suspended.


Travel Protocol

  • With the domestic and global spread of COVID-19, UTRGV continues to strongly discourage all personal domestic and international travel. All University employees and students returning from travel from outside of Texas and the Mexico border cities of the Rio Grande Valley are required to report their travel to the University. Please complete this form to let us know about your recent travel or your upcoming travel plans. 
  • After completion of the form, your supervisor will contact you informing you if you are approved to return to work after travel.  If not approved to immediately return to work, it is likely that you will be instructed to self-isolate for 14 days, which may require you to take sick leave or leave without pay. Please note that the form may be submitted ahead time, before your scheduled trip. 
  • For students returning or matriculating to campus from outside of Texas, you may also be instructed to self-isolate for 14 days.  You should arrive early enough to the region to self-isolate for 14 days prior to onset of in person classes or work. 
  • Special note for those members of the University community residing or needing frequent travel in the Mexico border cities abutting the Rio Grande Valley Counties:  It is not required that you fill out a travel form for each occurrence, but rather to inform your supervisor of your situation requiring regular travel and obtain individual approval.  For questions about your individual circumstances, please contact HR.     
  • For any questions regarding University related travel please contact Travel Services Office at, 665-2161, 665-2612, 882-3822.
  • Our main concern continues to be the health, safety, and security of our UTRGV community. We appreciate your patience and cooperation while we work through this unprecedented situation.