Elliott Chemical Society

The Elliott Chemical Society is a club dedicated to inspiring future scientists, being active in our scientific community, and educating our members on the latest scientific developments. Our organization is most well-known for its chemistry demonstrations, or "Magic Shows." At these shows, we perform exciting experiments that encourage young students to take a strong interest in science, and also to enjoy the fun of blowing stuff up! Of course, we always test our experiments to make sure they are safe for us and our audience. These demonstrations not only educate the community, but help us improve our public speaking skills, allow us to apply what we’ve learned from our chemistry classes, and perform important volunteer work.

We also do a lot more than just the Magic Shows. We are working towards becoming an American Chemical Society (ACS) Student Chapter, which would allow us to obtain grants for our shows and for traveling to ACS meetings and other scientific conventions. We have been planning more fundraisers/advertising events for this upcoming year to help recruit more members and raise money. We are also currently looking into arranging tours of water-treatment plants, forensics labs, and other chemistry-oriented workplaces.