Summer to Summer Roadmap

Summer Semester I - UTRGV (9 hrs.)
EDCI 3331 Human Development & Student Learning
EDCI 3332 Designing and Implementing Instruction
EDBE 3323 The Development of Bilingualism
Summer Semester II - UTRGV (9 hrs.)
READ 3320 Early Literacy Development
READ 3324 Reading Comprehension and Assessment
SPED 4310 Inclusion and Differentiated Instruction
Fall Semester - UTRGV (21 hrs.)
EDCI 3333 Teaching Science to Elementary Students
EDCI 3334 Teaching Math to Elementary Students
EDSL 3310 Emergent Bilingual Students
EDBE 3322 Foundations of Bilingual Education
EDBE 4306 The Bilingual Curriculum
EDBE 4305 Language Arts in the Bilingual Classroom
EDCI 3335 Teaching Social Studies in Elementary
Spring Semester - UTRGV (9 hr)
EDCI 4637 Student Teaching
EDCI 3336 Teaching ELA/Reading to Elementary