CAEP Steering Task Force


The College of Education and P-16 Integration (CEP) is seeking national accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). In order to provide greater support and quality assurance towards meeting CAEP accreditation standards, the dean of CEP has created a special CAEP Steering Task Force comprised of the college Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation and a representative pool of CEP faculty and professional staff. Task Force members are assigned unique standards or themes which leverage their current position and experience. Each member also leads individual sub-committees which support accreditation efforts. Task force members meet on a routine basis to report on the progress the CEP is making towards fulfillment of CAEP requirements and make recommendations on how to improve standard adherence. The strategic membership and influence of task force members along with their commitment and efforts ensure that the CEP makes timely progress towards attaining accreditation.

  • CAEP Steering Task Force Members

    Interim Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation

    Dr. Bobbette Morgan

    Standard 1: Content and Pedagogical Knowledge

    Dr. Steve Chamberlain

    Standard 2: Clinical Partnerships and Practice

    Dr. Cheryl Fielding

    Dr. John Jauregui

    Standard 3: Candidate Quality, Recruitment and Selectivity

    Dr. Jacob Neumann

    Standard 4: Program Impact

    Dr. Bobbette Morgan

    Standard 5: Provider Quality, Continuous Improvement and Capacity

    Dr. Jesus “Chuey” Abrego

    Cross Cutting Theme: Diversity

    Dr. Joy Esquierdo

    Cross Cutting Theme: Technology

    Dr. Rene Corbeil

    Dr. Mariaelena Corbeil

CAEP Accreditation Timeline

The timeline below marks pivotal reports, requirements and processes which must occur as the College of Education and P-16 Integration works towards becoming CAEP accredited.