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This course is based on D. Quinn Mills' book, Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live, a text used at Harvard Business School. Excerpts of the book are made available via PDF download and no additional purchase is required.

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Bundle Description

What is leadership and why is it important? How does a leader encourage change without triggering fearful resistance? What are the key elements of leading an effective team? What is the role of charisma in leadership? How can a leader achieve a work-life balance? This suite of courses addresses all of these questions and many more.

Based on D. Quinn Mills' book, Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live, a text used at Harvard Business School, the courses in this suite offer advice on leadership that can help you stand out as a leader among your peers. Video segments introduce Dr. Mills and other leaders who discuss such issues as how leaders become leaders, leadership ethics, and the differences between leaders, managers, and administrators.

Each 3 to 5 hour, self-paced course offers an assortment of interactive exercises, videos, selected readings, case studies, and self-assessments that will engage you and help you consider how your own attitudes toward leadership might promote or impede your leadership success.

Upon successful completion, you can download a printable certificate of completion for this online course suite. The course has no textbooks or prerequisites.

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Bundle Information

    Suite Price: $199.00

    Estimated length: 20 hours

    PDUs/Contact Hours: 17 | CEUs: 1.7

    Access Time: 365 Days

Bundle Courses

No matter your age or what phase of your career you're in, leadership is a crucial skill on the path to success. This course examines how to be a successful (that is, effective) leader. This course asks the crucial questions about leadership in today's organizations: What is leadership and why is it important? What does effective leadership require? What is visionary leadership? What is the role of charisma? What is the difference between managing, administering, and leading? This course offers a balance of the theory of leadership with some real-world applications to help you develop this critical skill for personal growth and success.

Learning Outcomes:

• Define leadership and explain its importance

• Discuss some of the better-known leadership theories (Fiedler's contingency theory; Path-goal theory; Vroom-Yetton-Jago theory)

• Distinguish leadership from management and administration

• Explain the role of ethics in leadership

• Discuss the positives and negatives surrounding charismatic leadership

• Recognize the importance of training, learning, and role-playing in leadership

• Discuss the seven bases for leadership

• Explain why formal authority alone does not guarantee leadership

• Discuss the nine key qualities for leadership

• Identify the five central skills needed for effective leadership and explain ways to strengthen or develop those skills in a leader

Course Price: $79

Estimated Length: 5 Hours

PDUs/Contact Hours: 5 | CEUs: .5

Access Time: 90 Days

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At the core of strong leadership is the ability to communicate effectively. But many leaders focus solely on their spoken words while ignoring the impact of their nonverbal cues, including facial expressions, hand gestures, body movements, and eye gaze. By understanding the impact of body language, leaders can learn how to communicate in a way that builds and sustains positive relationships with employees, clients, and business partners. This course will provide leaders with tips for reading body language and using it to exude both strength and warmth. The course also addresses gender stereotypes and cross-cultural body language and explores the role of body language in virtual communication.

Learning Outcomes:

• Define leadership and identify the essential leadership skills

• Explain how body language impacts leadership

• Read basic body language cues

• Use body language to exude warmth and empathy

• Consider how to be an inclusive leader through active listening

• Demonstrate charisma through body language

• Use body language effectively when negotiating

• Explore ways to use body language to debunk gender stereotypes

• Identify body language norms across various cultures

• Consider how to improve cross-cultural competencies

• Manage body language during a video conference

Course Price: $79

Estimated Length: 3 Hours

PDUs/Contact Hours: 3 | CEUs: .3

Access Time: 90 Days

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Why can it be so difficult to balance our work with our personal lives? And can these pressures be managed in a way that can make you more successful at both? Yes. This introductory course is meant for anyone who recognizes work-life balance as a skill and wants to improve their ability to create this balance. This course looks at methods and techniques to reconcile work and family. You will also consider the question of personal fulfillment and the needs and demands of leadership.

Learning Outcomes:

• Identify the major sources of work-life balance conflict

• Discuss the myths about work-life balance - including the "make time later," division of labor, and "quality time" myths

• Identify strategies to achieve balance, including balancing by week, over a year, and via a short career

• Recognize ways to maintain work-life balance

• Examine what defines personal fulfillment

• Identify those significant elements that play a role in a leader's life

• Identify nine ways of viewing life's choices

• Develop and complete a Personal Work-Life Balance Plan

Course Price: $79

Estimated Length: 3 Hours

PDUs/Contact Hours: 3 | CEUs: .3

Access Time: 90 Days

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Whether adopting new technology or adapting to a drastic shift in an organization's core focus, change is a constant in any successful business. Managers play a fundamental role in successful effecting changes across an organization, and meanwhile, humans, by nature, will often resist change out of fear of the unknown. This introductory course addresses the key issues managers face in a dynamic environment. By understanding the steps in effecting change and how to overcome resistance, a manager can successfully lead change at various levels of an organization.

Learning Outcomes:

• Discuss organizational change and the forms it can take

• Describe Kotter's Eight Step Process recommended for implementing change successfully

• Outline Lewin's model of change and discuss its limitations

• Identify the factors a leader or manager can employ to promote change

• Discuss the underpinnings of resistance to change and how to overcome it

• Describe the five-step ADKAR model for change management

• Discuss the three steps of the Cisco Change Roadmap

• Understand strategic change and mastering a changing environment

Course Price: $79

Estimated Length: 4 Hours

PDUs/Contact Hours: 4 | CEUs: .4

Access Time: 90 Days

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Leading a team through any task or project requires special skills and an understanding of the team dynamic and politics. This introductory-level course for managers or anyone interested in leading teams addresses the key issues surrounding leadership in a team environment. Why is leadership important to team success? What is required of a team leader to lead his team effectively? This course considers how team leaders must account for the special and unique circumstances of working in a team, where responsibility, accountability, communication, and leadership are shared.

Learning Outcomes:

• List and identify the key characteristics and types of teams

• Recognize the benefits and challenges of empowered teams that leaders need to be aware of

• Identify differences in the primary and secondary roles filled by empowered teams and team leaders

• Recognize the key sources of motivation for empowered teams

• Explain Tuckman's model of team development

• Recognize the key qualities and skills of a team leader

• State the value of using the "checklist for team leaders"

• Recognize and apply suggested approaches for managing conflict in teams

• Discuss the different approaches needed for leading virtual teams

Course Price: $79

Estimated Length: 5 Hours

PDUs/Contact Hours: 5 | CEUs: .5

Access Time: 90 Days

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Bundle Details

★ Expert Supported

★ Accessible

★ Games & Flashcards

★ Real-world case studies


★ Mobile-friendly

★ Badge and credit-awarding

★ Video content

★ Audio-enabled in-app


This suite is designed for adult learners who find a need for professional leadership skills.


No Prerequisites.


This course does not require any additional purchases of supplementary materials.


This course has an "Ask the Expert" feature, which submits your questions directly to an expert in the field you are studying. Questions are answered as quickly as possible and usually within 24 hours.


Learners must achieve an average test score of at least 70% to meet the minimum successful completion requirement and qualify to receive IACET CEU credit. Learners will have three attempts at all graded assessments.


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