Executive Certificate in Healthcare Practice Management

This curriculum is designed to prepare participants to become effective business owners and executive managers within their medical practices and focuses on the critical components of business ownership not taught within the traditional medical education programs.

This Executive Practice Management Certificate Program is designed for healthcare practice managers including but not limited to Physicians, PAs (Physician Assistants), FNPs (Nurse Practitioners), Pharmacists, and Mental Health Practitioners. This program is offered by UTRGV Continuing Education at the UTRGV McAllen Teaching Site.

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  • Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this program, participants would have attained knowledge to meet the following learning objectives:

    • Develop an action plan for building efficiency in the medical practice
    • Develop skills to analyze and control practice overhead, debt, and equity
    • Define and summarize their leadership role, personality style and communication skills managing conflict as a practice owner and employer
    • Build a team that reflect and share the practice mission, vision and goals
    • Understanding the information technology issues as they relate to practice management and learn how to effectively select and implement the best practice management tool as well as EMR (Electronic Medical Records) 

  • Modules

    • Practice Management
    • Professional Responsibility
    • Financial Management & Accounting
    • IT & Business Operations
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing Healthcare Practice

    *Participants need to complete all 6 modules listed above to receive the certificate of completion for the program. However, the program is flexible enough to allow people to register and attend any module that is of interest to them if they do not intend to obtain the certificate of completion for the entire program. 

    The Legal Issues and Risk Management are woven into each module to provide a full range of knowledge in all aspects of Practice Management.  

    Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) units for this program are approved by the University of Texas-San Antonio Medical School CME Department. 

  • About the Program

    This non-credit certificate program is carefully designed to be a comprehensive learning experience that bridges the knowledge gap from "clinician" to "business owner".  This Course is an extensive, hands-on, 6-module program with each module spread out over three weeks with 3-hr long in-class sessions on each Saturday afternoon, as well as a supplemental online web course “eCommunity,” that is solely customized to medical practice management. With the goal of increasing physicians’ business acumen and skills, this innovative program teaches physicians and other healthcare practice managers the critical aspects of finance, operations and HR management. From buying, building or becoming an Associate, to debt reduction through overhead control, and wealth accumulation for practice transitions; this program encompasses a curriculum customized to executive physician practice owners.
  • Top Five Reasons to Register

    • To obtain the business (legal, financial, operational) skills needed to run a practice.
    • To obtain the leadership skills to be an effective leader, manager and physician to a team.
    • To acquire the knowledge needed to oversee practices and manage associate physicians.
    • To fill the needed gaps with a formal business education that is not taught in medical school or residency programs.
    • To learn and implement efficiencies in practice management.

    Topics within this program are divided into modules with each module spread out over a three week period (conveniently scheduled to accommodate busy lifestyles). Instructional methods include lectures, hands-on workshops, guest lectures, and online supplemental learning between meeting dates.  Physicians are pro-actively involved in the learning process and development of applicable projects/deliverables that can be implemented into their medical practices immediately.   Concepts of basic accounting/bookkeeping, practice financials, employment law, marketing, staffing, sales, forecasting, communications, legal compliance, and building practice efficiency serve as primary content for this course. The certificate program may include a "field trip" or "project" that is designed to help gain overall perspective of project management with a pass/fail grade.

  • Upon Completion

    Upon Completion of this course, the successful participant will be able to:

    • Define and understand the medical career opportunities and legal ownership available to physicians.
    • Analyze and quantify the major costs and processes associated with building, buying or renovating a physician practice.
    • Develop an action plan for building efficiency in the medical practice.
    • Demonstrate the ability to plan, estimate and develop a Business Plan, Staffing Plan, Marketing Analysis and Plan, Sales Forecasting Plan, Practice Budget, as well as, Employee, Clinical and Operating Manuals.
    • Develop skills to analyze and control practice overhead, debt, and equity.
    • Define and summarize their leadership role, personality style and communication skills, managing conflict as a practice owner and employer.
    • Build a team and reflect and shares the practice mission, vision and goals.
    • Formulate and evaluate practice financial documents through the use of practice financial data and bookkeeping software.
    • Understand the information technology issues as they relate to practice management.
    • Learn about how to effectively select and implement the best practice management tool as well as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) options.
    • Identify, integrate and manage the requirements of Stark Laws, and workers’ rights.
    • Gain an understanding of the legal and human resource issues such as staffing, salaries and training.

Healthcare practice managers including but not limited to Physicians, PAs (Physician Assistants), FNPs (Nurse Practitioners), Pharmacists, and Mental Health Practitioners.

This program is primarily designed for physician practice managers due to which the Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are available for physician attendees who complete the assigned modules.

$2900 / person for the program (includes six modules).
$600 / person for each module.

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  • David Armstrong, MBA

    David Armstrong holds a BBA in Accounting and an MBA from the University of Texas-Pan American. Prior to opening his own business, he was a business counselor and then the director of the Small Business Development Center at UTPA, where he developed a passion for helping small local businesses. After 5 years in the private sector as the CFO of a large vehicle dealership, David started Core Business Solutions, a provider of office equipment and business services. One component of the company provides support for medical entities, such as the installation of EMR software packages and ongoing support of the network infrastructure; HIPAA compliance technology audits; and technology consulting.
  • Earnesta Taylor, JD

    Earnesta Taylor is currently a transactional attorney with Walker & Twenhafel, L.L.P. law firm in McAllen, Texas. She joined Walker & Twenhafel, L.L.P. 7 years after being admitted to practice in Texas and after accomplishing her long-held goal of operating a solo practice. To keep up with the needs of her clients and the community, Ms. Taylor’s practice evolved from immigration and employment law to primarily health law with a strong emphasis on physicians’ contracts, sales and acquisitions of medical practices and related entities. Most recently, with the passing of the Affordable Care Act, many sweeping changes have been made and are being implemented that affect the practice of medicine. One of Ms. Taylor’s goals is to focus on the impact of these changes to physician practices and to assist physicians and other providers on adjusting to the new laws and regulations.
  • Josefina Mireles, CPA

    Josefina is a partner with Burton McCumber & Cortez, L.L.P. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Laredo State University with a B.B.A. in Accounting in 1986. She received her Master of Science in Accounting from Texas Tech University in 1987, and obtained her Certified Public Accountant certificate in 1989. Josefina has extensive experience in all aspects of physician practice management, including billing, accounts receivable management and productivity analysis. She also has provided services in the area of accounting, taxation and securing employee benefits and retirement plans to physician clients.
  • Joseph Hemer, DO, MBA

    Dr. Joseph Hemer is the President of Valley ENT, a multi-location, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) group practice where he also provides consultation on Otorhinolaryngology, Facial Plastics, and Cosmetic Surgery. In addition to being the Doctor of Osteopathy, he has a masters in Physiology, and MBA from University of Texas- Pan American. He currently serves as the Chairman of Utilization and Insurance Committees at Mission Regional Medical Center (MRMC). Being a Bronc Alum, Dr. Hemer is committed to the Healthcare Practice Management Certificate Program and brings a wealth knowledge from his clinical and business background which will tremendously benefit the physician attendees of the Healthcare Practice Management Certificate Program.
  • Marco Garza, MBA

    Marco Garza is a proud native resident of South Texas and a lifelong learner. He earned his Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Management, secondary concentration in Total Quality Management (TQM) from Texas A&M University – Kingsville, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Texas – Pan American, and is in the final stages of completing his PhD in Human Resource Development from Texas A&M University. 
    He currently serves as the Regional Director for UniqueHR, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides a full suite of Human resources outsourcing services including HR Services, Workers Compensation, Safety/Risk Management, Benefits and Payroll Administration. Prior to that, he served as the Director of Organizational Effectiveness with ARAMRK Healthcare and Executive Site Director for T-Mobile. He also served on the local workforce development for 7 years and holds adjunct faculty positions with University of Phoenix, McAllen Campus, Texas A&M University, Kingsville and University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.
  • Mario Garza, MSW, MBA

    A well seasoned, health care administrator with over 20 year experience, in hospital administration, physician practice management, home health, pediatric rehab, consultant and as an Educator - within the UTPA MBA program for physicians. Experiences from all of these settings, offers the Continuing Education student - a comprehensive, insightful, prospective to the local medical market place. He also has a track record of patient advocacy and lobbying to protect the rights and benefits of special needs populations. He has earned an Masters in Business Administration from UT Austin and also a Masters in Social Work from St. Louis University. 
    His teaching style utilizes a Harvard Case Analysis methodology – the establishment of basic concepts, which are then applied to analyze real life situations. Students are then ask to present their findings in both a small group setting and open class. Participants will evolve a broad range of managerial skills, to better administer, market and adapt to changing medical market conditions.
  • Orlando Julian, MBA

    Orlando Julian is currently vice president of operations for Superior Health Plan in the Hidalgo service delivery area. He joined Superior Health Plan in late 2011 in order to prepare and assist the company with its expansion of operations into the South Texas region. Mr. Julian has a master’s degree in business administration from UTPA and is also trained as a physician. 
    With over 15 years of experience in the administrative and operational aspects of health care, Mr. Julian has held important executive positions in multi-location physician offices, hospitals, home-health agencies and managed care organizations in both Florida and Texas. Most recently the State of Texas’ managed care expansion and the passing into law of the Affordable Care Act has brought about many sweeping changes affecting physician practices that either have already been implemented or are planned to take effect in the very near future. One of Mr. Julian’s goals is to focus on the operational aspects of physician practices and how they must change in order to successfully comply with these new rules and regulations.

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