Dr. Guy Duke


Curator of the Border Studies Archive (2020), Guy Duke (Ph.D Toronto) is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He is co-director of Proyecto Arqueológico Riós Culebra-Colín (PARCC) with Dr. Sarah Rowe, researching the social and political elements of food production and consumption at the Valdivia era (3700-1450 BCE) site of Buen Suceso on the coast of Ecuador. Additionally, he has conducted archival and ethno-historic research on the role and use of spring-fed canals in highland Ecuador during the Spanish Colonial era. He has also previously investigated the Moche culture (300-850 CE) on the coast of Peru, and has published a number of reports and articles, including 'Doing' Llama Face Stew: A Late Moche Culinary Assemblage as a Domestic Dedicatory Deposit, Cambridge Archaeological Journal (2019) and Starch grain evidence of potato consumption at the Late Moche (AD 600–850) site of Wasi Huachuma, Peru, Journal of Archaeological Science (2018, with Victor Vasquez-Sanchez and Teresa Rosales-Tham). Dr. Duke can be contacted at guy.duke@utrgv.edu (956-665-2865).