Matthew Terry, Ph.D.

Matthew Terry, Ph.D.

Matthew Terry, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
SCSI 3.110
Office: (956) 665-2064
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General Biology (BIOL1401)
Biological Evolution (BIOL3301)
Developmental Mechanisms (BIOL3406)
Molecular Evolution (BIOL4330)
Systematic Biology (BIOL6304)


2003. Doctor of Philosophy, Integrative Biolog. Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.

1996. Bachelor of Science, Double Major: Zoology and English [Chemistry minor] Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

Areas of Interest

Phylogenetics. Systematics (particularly of aquatic insects)R Evolution of Arthropod Appendages Evolutionary Developmental Biology HOX Gene Evolution and Diversity among Arthropods Molecular Evolution.


Focuses on the evolution and development of morphological diversity in arthropods, with a focus on hexapods (insects). Arthropods are, in many ways, an ideal group to work with when addressing questions involving the origins of morphological diversity and novelty. Arthropods demonstrate extreme appendage diversity at multiple taxonomic levels, are relatively easy to maintain in laboratory cultures, and genetic tools developed in Drosophila are beginning to be applied across the phylum. A a wide range of techniques are used including, but not limited to: DNA sequencing and phylogenetic inference, antibody staining and in-situ hybridization, molecular evolution, RNA-interference, and cell lineage tracing.

Major ongoing projects:

  • Evolution and development of abdominal limbs in insects.
  • Patterns of development in the insect wing in non-holometabolous (directly developing) insects
  • Hox gene expression characterization in Xenylla pseudomaritima (Collembola)
  • Hox gene expression characterization in Ephemeroptera
  • Hox gene expression characterization in Odonata

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