Registering for Services


To register for services, students are required to complete a SAS Intake packet, either in the office or online. Campus-based students are required to schedule an appointment to meet with the SAS staff member for an initial interview. Distance learners may be interviewed via Skype, phone or other technology. In either case, the student should provide documentation of disability to SAS prior to the intake appointment. 

During the intake interview, the SAS counselor, or other designated staff, begins to gather information about the student’s educational concerns and needs and involves an interactive process of communication with the student. The intake process can include the gathering of data such as a brief history of the student’s social, cultural and family background and a psychosocial assessment. Most importantly, this is the time to discuss the barriers the student might be experiencing or anticipating in the classroom. The counselor utilizes the information discussed with the student as well as documentation of the student’s disability to recommend reasonable accommodations.


Each semester, students are required to complete a Semester Registration form (online or at the office). If a student has not been registered with SAS during the previous Fall and Spring, the student is required to schedule an appointment for a full intake. Additional documentation may be requested. 

Students may schedule an appointment with the counselor to review accommodations at any time.