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UTRGV is at the forefront for academics, research, engagement, and operations related to educating for sustainable development and the institution's family shows its value to our university by embedding it in the strategic plan.  The university's eleven colleges and schools all participate in new and innovative curriculum, cutting edge research, student service learning incorporation, and growing green operations. 


Research at UTRGV in the area of sustainability is increasing as efforts focus on bridging disciplines and conducing socially relevant work.  This plan positions sustainability research as key in the strategic priority of encouraging the UTRGV community to encourage pedagogic research in this area.  While seeking opportunities for faculty and students, UTRGV promotes research development in the area of sustainability across the broad swath of departments and research institutes.  Our intention is to undertake evidence-based research in this interdisciplinary field, in search of financial support for education for sustainability in programs at the university.


Green career training must start early because getting students to decide what job they want—and teaching them how to thoroughly research that job, get internships and conduct a job search for a full-time position—is not a quick or easy task.

To integrate sustainable development principles into personal and public decision-making, it is important to imbed these principles into our academics to affect the region and planet. Faculty need to understand how to incorporate sustainability within their curriculum.  Students and staff need to understand how their personal every day choices can effect their local environment, economy, and social resources.  The ultimate goal of education in sustainable development is to improve the quality of life for its community and for the world, providing the same quality for generations to come.

What are our eleven colleges and schools currently working on to support education for sustainable development?