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Working and educating stakeholders about the benefits of sustainability and sustainable development can be challenging, but early and consistent communications is the key to collaborative action.  As we model transdisciplinary work in our academics and research, so must we encourage and support this cross-sector collaborations.  To learn more about our efforts in student and community engagement, please click the title link above.

  • Students


    If you are interested in working for your community and campus to make them more healthy, just, and sustainable then the Office for Sustainability can provide you with resources to carry out projects in our campus or community!  Connect with us to see where you can fit in.

    Join a club or organization

    There are several clubs and organizations at UTRGV that seek to develop a more sustainable atmosphere on campus and in our community.  Connect with our office and we can direct you to leaders and contacts for those organizations. Choose from a variety of environmental issues like endangered species, green energy, green engineering, or societal issues, like gender equality, social justice or zero poverty. Our goals in sustainability are tied to the United Nation’s Goals for Sustainable development, and therefore we promote and support initiatives that address these goals.

    Start your own organization

    The process is simpler than you think, and UTRGV will help every step of the way to make sure you exercise your power of advocacy. 


    Volunteer with us

    Throughout the year our office hosts and co-hosts hundreds of events we’d love for you to contribute your time and skills.   We keep track of all of our events so check out our calendar page, or our Facebook page and drop us a message.  We’ll help you get connected with our latest event so you that you too can be a part of UTRGV’s move toward sustainable development.   For more information on our upcoming events check out our Facebook or event calendar.

    Volunteer for other like-minded organizations

    This is a great time in the Rio Grande Valley- hundreds of organizations are rising to the challenge of providing sustainable solutions to our changing world.  The Office for Sustainability is happy to promote and support the efforts of many different institutions around the valley. Find an organization in your community that promotes your interests.   Without these important partnerships, the Office for Sustainability would not be able to do it alone.


    Let’s work together

    Sometimes, all you need is a small spark to start a blazing fire.  Come over to our office, speak to us about your interests and perhaps together we can discover how you fit into the University's plan for sustainable development.  Our primary goal is education and if all you need is to know more about what we do, our doors are always open.  

    Green Jobs

    green job, also called a green-collar job is, according to the United Nations Environment Program, "work in agricultural, manufacturing, research and development (R&D), administrative, and service activities that contribute(s) substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality. Specifically, but not exclusively, this includes jobs that help to protect ecosystems and biodiversity; reduce energy, materials, and water consumption through high efficiency strategies; de-carbonize the economy; and minimize or altogether avoid generation of all forms of waste and pollution."  More job resources can be found on our Resources Page at

  • Faculty


    We thank you for your interest in the Office for Sustainability.  There are many ways that you may connect, collaborate and contribute to our campus and community. 

    Participate in a sustainability training, workshop or symposium

    The Office for Sustainability hosts several trainings, workshops and symposiums that are available.  A few examples of these include:

    Tree Care Workshops:

    Project Sin Fronteras:


    Visit our News and Event's page to find more upcoming events


    Sustainability grants and research

    The office for Sustainability can guide you through sustainability related projects, research and grants.  We can also provide aid in the form of editing or advising in order to make sure your grant is successful.                 (Click here to find our contact information or visit our offices)

    Speak in a sustainability training, workshop or symposium

    The Office for Sustainability is always on the lookout for speakers and presenters.  Contact us to learn how you can share your knowledge and experience in any of our events. (Click here to find our contact information)



    You may be interested in contributing your time or experience. The Office for Sustainability has several events throughout the year, and several volunteering opportunities.  For more information, click here to see our calendar and learn about upcoming events.   This includes organizations that we partner with or have worked with in the past.  Click here to see a listing of all of our community partnerships.


    Your knowledge and experience can be a valuable asset to a group of students.  Mentorships and sponsorships are some of the most successful educational opportunities.  The Office for Sustainability can help you find a group of students seeking to carry out a sustainability themed club or organizations.

    Sustainability affects us all.  You are an important component to the success of a sustainable institution.

  • Staff

    Staff members have the opportunity to participate in professional development and training opportunities in sustainable development on and off campus.  By supporting our staff in this way, UTRGV helps equip its staff to implement sustainable practices and systems and to model sustainable behavior for students and the rest of the campus community.

    The Office for Sustainability offers several events and symposiums during the year that staff are invited to attend. These opportunities include Earth Fest, Campus Sustainability Day, Arbor Day, and other events both on and off campus in which we collaborate.  OFS also provides professional development opportunities for its staff and interns to attend local, regional, and national conferences and trainings in sustainability.  Examples of these include the Texas Regional Alliance in Sustainability, the annual AASHE conference, and local training events held by local cities, parks, consultants, and nature centers.  OFS also provides information and support about sustainable development to the Staff Senate, helping to educate individuals about what they can do at work, play, or home that will support the sustainable development of their communities.  

  • Community



    Our office is happy to answer any questions about sustainability, and provide educational materials on the topic.  We are an email or phone call away.  You may also contact us through our Facebook page, where we have more examples of our educational efforts. 


    Throughout the year we host many events that provide educational platforms for speakers and educators who share our vision.  We try to make these events fun and community friendly. Join us for a movie or a meal and see what our office has to offer.  Check out our Facebook or our calendar to see what sorts of events you can attend and learn more about us.


    Collaborate with us!

    Our office has a great history of event planning and developing programs to achieve our vision.  We are willing to work with other organizations to achieve this throughout the Rio Grande Valley.  We can connect you to other organizations or consult in opportunities open for nonprofits.  Contact us to know how we can cooperate for a better future!



    As part of UTRGV it is important for our office to maintain strong relationships with our community.  Our students benefit from these community engagement opportunities.  Contact us or check out our calendar page and see what sorts of events are available with volunteer opportunities.  We are also always happy to direct you to someone who may also require volunteers through our list of community organizations and partnerships. 

    Our most important goal is education, and we are happy to answer any questions.  We’ve also put together an FAQ page that might have the specific answer you’re looking for.  For everything else, click here to go to our contact page.