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Get up and make it happen; Stand up, stand up, stand up and take some action;

Gotta get on your feet; Don't stop before it's over; Get on your feet;

The weight is off your shoulder; Get on your feet; Get up, get up and make it happen;

Get on your feet; Stand up, stand up and take some action; Get on your feet!

– Gloria Estefan, 1989

Many of you are just getting back from Spring Break. Did you make the most of your downtime? We typically emerge from a successful break feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world again. We gain perspective on the stressful problems in our lives. We get to relax. And we get a break from our usual routines.

While Spring Break has the potential to break into the stress cycle, it may not have worked for you. If so, now what?

Obviously, you have to “get on your feet” and make it happen. This is consistent with the relenting of winter to the vibrant colors, freshness and extra sunlight that comes with all the joy of spring. So get on up, get inspired and don’t waste this moment. Make things happen!

Songwriters John DeFaria, Clay Ostwald and Jorge Casas captured the spirit of Spring Break – any break really – with this hit single for singer Gloria Estefan. And if you are not inspired, Gloria has an answer for that: “Look deep in your heart and you will find the answer.”

It has been three months since I shared with you RP2: Remain Pliant and Retain Perspective. Have you taken a shot at it yet? Remember that while March typically is associated with “madness,” you can always march to the beat of a different drummer by marching to “balance,” to something “better,” even to the “greatness” in your life. “March Greatness” – has a ring to it.

“March Greatness” captures the wonders of your life. It is a powerful message. But you’ve got to use your life, to make a difference in you, in others, in the Rio Grande Valley, in Texas, in the world … and with SpaceX, in the galaxy!

If I had the opportunity to meet these RGV candidates of “March Greatness,” I would bet that when they are dealing with the hard tasks at hand, they don’t approach it with the frenetic pace of “March Madness.” I would bet they look at these tasks with great ease of mind and still make time for enjoying the important things in their lives as they come.

In many ways, isn’t that calm, that ease of mind, what makes a difference in all our lives? It empowers us to make the most of all the things – good or bad – in our lives. Richard Dawkins, a biologist specialized in genetics and evolution, asks, “Isn't it sad to go to your grave without ever wondering why you were born? Who, with such a thought, would not spring from bed, eager to resume discovering the world and rejoicing to be part of it?”

Makes me wonder, “Is Richard Dawkins a Hispanic at heart?” Why do I ask? Because isn’t that the best of our culture’s mañana (tomorrow) philosophy? While many disparage and devalue it, I don’t. It encourages us to look forward and never give up. Mañana, we can be balanced, better and great.

That’s us: Adelantando, one day at a time.

Just as spring does, do take life as it comes. And don’t forget to love it. As Gloria also says, sooner or later you are going to “Turn the Beat Around.” Doctor’s orders, and Gloria’s, too.