Frequently Asked Questions

How many students does the UTRGV SOM admit each year?

UTRGV SOM admits 50 students to each entering class.

What are the minimum GPA and MCAT score required for admission?

At UTRGV SOM, all applicants are considered regardless of GPAs and MCAT scores, although a minimum of a C is required in prerequisite courses. Applications are reviewed holistically with a broad assessment of all qualities and experiences that our applicants can use to succeed in medical school and contribute to their learning environments.

Where can I find a list of prerequisite courses?

Prerequisite courses for UTRGV SOM are provided online through TMDSAS.

What is the application deadline?

Applicants to the class entering in 2017 should check the TMDSAS website for the deadline. Primary applications are due to TMDSAS on or by September 30.

Where and how can applications to UTRGV SOM be submitted?

Applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted to TMDSAS. Detailed information can be found on their website ( including deadlines and a timeline of the admissions cycle. Applicants should note that the UTRGV SOM will not accept any documents or supporting materials directly.

Does UTRGV SOM require a Secondary Application?

Yes. Secondary applications are by invitation only. Once your TMDSAS application is received in our office, the committee will do a preliminary review before a Secondary Application invitation is sent out.

How many Non-Texas Residents does UTRGV SOM admit?

No more than 10% of each admitted class may be comprised of Non-Texas residents, according to the 2014 Texas General Appropriations Act, Section 13.

Who determines an applicant’s Texas residency classification?

TMDSAS evaluates the residency status of applications and forwards those classifications to UTRGV SOM. The UTRGV SOM does not assess or reassess Texas residency determinations. The determination of residency statuses are carried out according to state rules and regulations established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Are international applicants admitted?

No. Applicants must be a US citizen or permanent resident of the US.

When are interviews held and how many applicants are typically invited to interview?

Interviews generally occur between the months of August and January. Each year approximately 250 applicants are invited to interview.

Does UTRGV require a supplemental or secondary application?

Yes. We require a supplemental application that includes questions not asked on the primary application with TMDSAS. Applicants will receive further instructions about the supplemental application by email.

Do all prerequisite courses need to be completed prior to the submission of the application to TMDSAS?

No. Applicants may continue satisfying prerequisite coursework concurrent with the admissions cycle. However, applicants must have all prerequisite coursework completed with acceptable grades no later than the first day of classes. More information on prerequisite courses and grading can be found on the TMDSAS website.

What can be done to make an application more competitive?

Applicants are advised to work with their institutions’ health professions advising offices to ensure their applications fully reflect their achievements, experiences, and academic preparedness.

Where can additional questions be directed?

Email any additional questions to

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