Financial Aid

Available Aid

Paying for medical school can be quite costly.  Your medical education is an investment in your talent, potential and in a career that will have the power to forever change your life.  The UTRGV School of Medicine is dedicated to helping its medical students find the best financial resources in the form of grants, scholarships and loans.  For example, all UTRGV SOM students from the inaugural class had 100% of their tuition covered by scholarship aid for their first two years, while the second class, starting in July 2017, will have 50% of their first-year tuition covered by scholarship aid.

UTRGV SOM students have the option of applying for financial aid.  Financial aid is available in several forms: federal loans, scholarships, grants, veteran’s benefits, and private loans. 

  • Grants are funds from federal and state sources that do NOT require repayment
  • Scholarships are available from state, institutional, and organizational funds that do NOT require repayment
  • Loan Programs offer money that must be paid back after graduation or withdrawal from the institution. These may consist of federal or private loans.
  • Veteran’s benefits, such as the Hazlewood Exemption, are available for Texas Veterans who have exhausted their eligibility for federal benefits.

There is no application process for institutional scholarships (unless otherwise noted) and the application to medical school is the source used to determine the awards.  Scholarships awards are determined on a year-to-year basis. 

Students interested in applying for financial aid such as grants and federal loans are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible. The UTRGV Federal School Code is 003599.

Students have the option to defer the repayment of previously-acquired loans from other institutions of higher education. Students are encouraged to check with the lenders. Enrollment verifications are available online as needed. Additionally, UTRGV verifies student enrollment automatically to several lenders in an effort to expedite enrollment verification and the deferment process.

Cost of Attendance

Cost of attendance (COA) includes tuition, fees, required purchases for designated years of medical schools, and estimated living expenses.  Student COA budgets are developed each academic year by the UTRGV School of Medicine Financial Aid Office and are dependent on tuition and fee structures set by the Texas System Board of Regents.  The COA is used to evaluate financial need, award financial aid, and provides students with an estimate of the reasonable cost of attending the UTRGV School of Medicine (SOM).  The table below details the COA for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Resident First Year Second Year
Tuition & Fees 18,298 18,298
Room & Board 12,884 11,873
Books & Supplies 3,973 2,379
Transportation 4,903 6,356
Miscellaneous Expenses 3,450 4,003
Health Insurance 2,335 2,335
Estimated Cost of Attendance 45,843 45,244

Non-Resident MSI MSII
Tuition & Fees 31,398 31,398
Room & Board, Books, etc. from above 27,545 26,946
Estimated Cost of Attendance 58,943 58,344

Scholarship Policy

The UTRGV School of Medicine’s Scholarship Program is a vital financial resource that assists deserving medical students pay for their education. Scholarships are awarded based on need, merit, or a combination of the two. Scholarships do not have to be repaid, but students must be in “good standing” in order to receive them. At the School of Medicine, “good standing” equates to good academics and professionalism. If a student is required to repeat a year, they are not in good standing for scholarship consideration and therefore, ineligible to receive a scholarship for the repeating year. However, the scholarship (if available) can be reinstated once the student is in “good standing” and promoted.

The School of Medicine has a dedicated Associate Director of Financial Aid who manages all financial aid matters for medical school students. Please direct all questions to

Health Insurance

All medical students are required to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for each academic year in order to satisfy the University Policy of maintaining acceptable health insurance coverage. Students holding comparable coverage may be eligible to waive enrollment for the SHIP (View Source).

The Waiver Process must be completed each year by the waiver deadline. Students who do not submit a waiver request or whose waiver submission is not approved, will be automatically enrolled for the SHIP and the cost of the insurance coverage will be added to their student account. The cost of the SHIP for the 2017-2018 academic year is $2,335. For more detailed waiver criteria, please visit