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Bootstrapping a proof-of-concept fund

UTRGV Award Report Sept 2015-May2016[Source - Tech Transfer Central] The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign created its I-POC proof-of-concept fund by engaging various colleges and administrative officials to invest in the fund. Learn how this fund came to be, and how it operates to provide "gap" funding to chosen projects.

Collaborative research, licensing, and inter-institutional agreements: Lessons learned from real-life legal cases

UTRGV Award Report Sept 2015-May2016[Source - Tech Transfer Central] Prevent some of the disagreements that can arise in managing and complying with agreements involving partnerships between universities, following best practices to address the protection of intellectual property and other areas of potential dispute.

Getting to a license: Valuation and strategic marketing of biotech, therapeutics and other life science IP assets

UTRGV Award Report Sept 2015-May2016[Source - Tech Transfer Central] Need a way to value intellectual property in order to license it, set development milestones for it, or raise investment funds? This webinar offers an easy and refined model for valuing biotech, pharma, medical device, or therapeutic IP.

Expand outreach and boost your TTO’s disclosures by implementing a faculty ambassador program

Expand Outreach[Source - Tech Transfer Central] Washington State University's Office of Commercialization has organized successful faculty innovators to serve as mentors to faculty who are less experienced in developing their intellectual property. Learn how this practice is furthering innovation at WSU, and also see some interesting insights on how IP changes faculty's relationships to their institutions.