For Inventors

Disclose New Technology

Please complete the appropriate form to describe the technology you are disclosing, and please complete all items with as much detail as possible, and attach manuscripts, images, or any other helpful material.  If an item is truly not applicable, please put “n/a.”  We cannot review incomplete or unsigned disclosures, but will instead return them to you for completion/signatures.  Please contact us if you have any questions about these forms.

Material Transfer Agreements

When you need to request that materials be sent to you from another institution or organization, or when you need to send materials to another institution or organization, please complete the appropriate MTA Information Form out of the two choices below:  

These are fillable PDFs, and they can be signed electronically.  Please send the appropriate completed and signed MTA Information Form to We will then proceed to get all necessary clearances and get the agreement executed so the materials can be shipped.  


Please feel free to contact Alice Zents at the Office of Research Translation (ORT) through E-mail: or Phone: 956-665-3032 (ext. 3032 on the Edinburg campus).

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