Available Technologies

Biology, Life Sciences and Medical Technologies

A Protein Synthesis Inhibitor as a new type of Antibiotic Compound

Polyolefin Fibers for Skin Regeneration and Implant

Tremor Cancellation Pen Holder

Microchannel scaffolds and microtube electrodes for a neural interface system

Methods for making Artificial Ligaments and Tendons

Electrical, Electronics and Communications

Wave Energy Converter

Phased Array Antenna Receiver System

Concealed Phased Array Roof Tile

Novel Remote Surveillance System

Wireless Sensor for injection molds

Heterogeneous core @ shell photocatalyst

A method to develop high upconversion (UC) efficiency luminescent

Sliding-Window (SW) Packet Switch for Priority Switching

Nano-technology and Material Sciences

Flexible Composite Nanofibers as Alternate Anode Materials

A process model for Selective Laser Alloying

A superior Nano-glass Particle Manufacturing process (ACE-TM)