The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

University Police Division of Campus Safety & Security

Personnel Directory


Name Title Email Location Office Number
Munguia, Raul Chief   956-882-7788
Loya, Joe James Assistant Chief 956-665-2740
Cruz, Adan Assistant Chief 956-882-7549
Garcia, Cesar Lieutenant BRO 956-882-7556
Hernandez, Samuel Lieutenant BRO 956-882-7574
Ramos, Roman Lieutenant BRO 956-882-7202
Barrera, Arthur R Lieutenant EBG 956-665-2055
Leal, Adelaida Sergeant SOM 956-296-1508

Office Support Staff

Name Title Email Location Office Number
Rivera, Miguel Manager Public Safety Systems EBG 956-665-3647
Valdez, Daniel Police Communication Supervisor EBG 956-665-3026
Acuna, Nancy Administrative Services Manager BRO 956-882-7211
Flores, Graciela Administrative Associate BRO 956-882-7206
Martinez, Ester Administrative Assistant II EBG 956-665-8078
Quezada, Aurora Administrative Assistant I BRO 956-882-7554
Maldonado, Dora Office Assistant III EBG 956-665-7029