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College of Pharmacy Texas A & M - Admissions Seminar

Texas A&M Admissions Seminar

On Wednesday, April 25th Dr. Juan Bustamante, Interim Director of Admissions for the Texas A&M Rangel College of Pharmacy will visit the UTRGV Brownsville campus to give a presentation to students interested in Pharmacy.

Location BSABH 1.104
Time: 5-6PM

The following is the link for students to register:

Announcement 8-28-17:

There are slots open for students to apply to the Cooperative Pharmacy Program this year.  Students that want to go to pharmacy school and  have taken the PCAT or will take it Sept 8, Dr. Lydia Aguilera (Director of CPP, COHA) would like to talk to them about applying thru the CPP program.   Our faculty can provide advisement to optimize their candidacy for pharmacy school.  Dr. Cruz even leads a Mock Admissions session. 

Early admission deadline is Sept 5 and regular admission deadline is November 1, 2017.

Dr. Bianca Cruz is responsible for coordinating mock multiple mini interviews (MMIs) for CPP students with the UTRGV Career Center. UT Austin College of Pharmacy is currently the only pharmacy school in Texas that uses the MMI method. Important information about signing up for mock MMIs. 

Please know that students who want to participate in the mock MMIs MUST:

  1. Plan on applying to UT Austin College of Pharmacy in Fall 2017
  2. Be interested in being part of the UTRGV/UT Austin CPP, meaning that they would return to the UTRGV during their third and fourth years of pharmacy school

Any students not applying to UT Austin College of Pharmacy or who do not want to be part of the CPP may contact the UTRGV Career Center on their own to set up mock interviews. Please let Dr. Cruz ( know if you have any questions.