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Master of Science in Kinesiology

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The Department of Health and Kinesiology offers a Master of Science (MS) in Kinesiology. Students may select either the thesis or non-thesis route; both are 36-hour programs. The choice of courses in the major and minor fields, as well as the nature of the supporting work, will be determined through consultation between the student and his or her graduate advisor, who is selected by the student, and graduate program coordinator. The mission of the Department of Health and Kinesiology’s graduate program is to prepare graduate students to function professionally in a diverse and changing society, improve quality of life, and promote healthy lifestyles through the understanding and delivery of physical activity and wellness concepts.

Although programs can be individualized, the basic degree requirements are the same for all Kinesiology graduate students at UTRGV. By providing a combination of traditional classes and the web-based classes, the Kinesiology faculty at UTRGV is attempting to meet the professional needs and aspirations of their graduate students.

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About the Program

  • Complete in as few as 36 months
  • 12 required credit hours + 18-21 elective credit hours + 3-6 Capstone requirement credit hours
  • $589.43 per credit hour


Required Courses 12
KINE 6310: History and Philosophy of Kinesiology 3
KINE 6315: Research Methods 3
KINE 6320: Applied Test and Measurements in Kinesiology or Statistics 3
KINE 6325: Advanced Exercise Physiology 3

Electives 18-21
Chosen from the following:
KINE 5345: Health Seminar 3
KINE 6330: Workshop in Kinesiology 3
KINE 6335: Curriculum for the Students with Special Needs 3
KINE 6340: Curriculum Construction 3
KINE 6345: Planning and Use of Facilities 3
KINE 6350: Motor Learning 3
KINE 6355: Current Readings in Kinesiology 3
KINE 6360: Organizations and Administration of Sport Programs 3
KINE 6365: Legal Issues in Sport 3
KINE 6370: Governing Agencies for Sport 3
KINE 6375: Ethics in Sport 3
KINE 6380: Advanced Biomechanics 3
KINE 6385: Determinants and Perspective of Healthand Illness 3
KINE 6390: Kinesiology Internship 3
KINE 6395: Internship in Sport 3
The following courses are only offered online via the UTOC**
KINO 6310: Exercise Physiology 3
KINO 6312: Training and Conditioning 3
KINO 6316: Applied Biomechanics 3
KINO 6320: Sport Psychology 3
KINO 6322: Applied Sport Psychology 3
KINO 6323: Advanced Exercise Psychology 3
KINO 6326: Motor Learning and Control 3
KINO 6330: Sport and Society 3
KINO 6340: History and Philosophy of Kinesiology 3
KINO 6350: Curricular Innovations 3
KINO 6352: Analysis of Teaching and Coaching 3
KINO 6354: Physical Activities for Young Children 3
KINO 6356: Issues of Women and Sport 3
KINO 6360: Administration of Physical Education and Athletic Programs 3
KINO 6363: Methods and Procedures for Coronary Heart Disease Risk Detection and Reduction 3
KINO 6365: Determinants and Perspectives of Health and Illness 3
KINO 6367: Planning and Use of Facilities 3
KINO 6369: Advanced Scientific Principles of Strength Training and Conditioning 3
KINO 6370: Statistics 3
KINO 6372: Research Methods 3

** Students may select to study for their Masters in Kinesiology degree via the online route. The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) is part of the University of Texas Online Consortium UTOC, (a collaboration with The University of Texas campuses at Permian Basin, El Paso, and San Antonio), that offers an online Master’s degree in kinesiology. Students who select UT-RGV as their home campus must follow the admission procedures for UTRGV. On the application, a potential student indicates they want to enroll in the online Kinesiology degree program.Online students are advised by a UTRGV faculty advisor, however, these students may take classes from any of the four UT System participating collaborating universities. The degree plans are the same for both the online and traditional programs.

Capstone Requirement: 3-6
KINE 7300: Thesis I 3
KINE 7301: Thesis II 3
Project 3
KINE 7320: Independent Study 3

Total graduate hours for degree: 36

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The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley has specific deadline requirements that you must meet in order to enroll.


Fall Spring Summer I Summer II
Domestic April 15 October 1 March 1  March 1 

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Tuition and Financial Aid

UT Rio Grande Valley's 100% online programs offer affordable tuition, and financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Tuition Breakdown

  • $21,219.48* Total program cost
  • $589.43 Per credit hour
  • $1,254.29 Per 3-credit course

*Tuition and fee rates shown above are proposed rates for the 2015-2016 academic year. We estimate that tuition and fees will total no more than the rates shown above; however, rates are subject to change. Approved tuition and fee rates for UTRGV should be available prior to the fee payment deadline.

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Financial Aid

UTRGV is an equal opportunity institution in the administration of its financial aid programs. In keeping with this policy, financial aid is extended to students without regard to race, creed, sex, national origin, veteran status, religion, age or disability.

Additional Fees

  • Application Fee: $50
  • Graduation Fee: $32

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If you have questions about how to apply to UTRGV, call us at 956-882-6552 or 956-665-3661 or email

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Program Contact

Program Director: Dr. Zasha Romero
Phone: (956) 665-2881