The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Mexican American Studies School of Interdisciplinary Programs and Community Engagement

Minor in Mexican American Studies

The MAS minor provides students with transdisciplinary knowledge of the political, cultural, social, economic, and artistic conditions and contributions of Mexican Americans and Latino/as in the U.S. With the minor, students will be trained to create culturally informed solutions that meet the needs of Mexican American and Latina/o communities here in the Rio Grande Valley and nationwide. The MAS minor enhances the training of students as professionals in many fields, including literature, history, government, social services, community service, education, health, arts, among others. The minor also prepares students for graduate studies, law school, medical school, and other advanced degrees. Any student that will be working with these communities would benefit tremendously from a MAS minor

Minor Requirements - 18 Hours Minimum

  • MAS 2301 Introduction to Mexican American Studies (or MCLL 2301)
  • MAS/HIST 3332 Mexican-American History
  • MASC Electives (12 hours)*

*MASC Electives should be drawn from the 1) MASC Humanities Courses 2) MASC Social Behavioral Sciences, Education, and/or Health Sciences Courses 3) and Electives Courses. These courses are listed on the Degree plan for the MASC Major.