The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Mexican American Studies School of Interdisciplinary Programs and Community Engagement

MAS 4300 - Learning & Reflective Service

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MAS 4300: Learning through Reflective Service: Service Internship

This is an experiential learning opportunity for Mexican American Studies majors. It provides students committed to social justice in the Mexican American communities the opportunity to get hands on experience while reflecting on that experience critically through the lens of Chicano Studies. Students will partner with a public, community-based and/or non-profit organization committed to social justice for the Mexican American and Latino communities in addressing significant community needs. The students' participation will be driven by the needs of the community. The course itself will be co-constructed by the students, the members of the community who are involved in the organization and/or project, and the instructor. The purpose is different from an internship in that the process is geared towards developing a lifelong ethic of service and civic engagement and is not necessarily career or job oriented. Although, the learning opportunity can certainly be geared towards the student’s interest it is the needs of the organization that come first. Students are responsible for identifying & coordinating the internship with the supervisor. Students must get the internship approved prior to starting.

MAS Majors have the opportunity to participate in a service internship for up to 6 hours.

Recent Student Placements include: