The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Mexican American Studies School of Interdisciplinary Programs and Community Engagement

Anzaldúa Speaker Series in Philosophy

Honoring Gloria E. Anzaldúa's Philosophical Legacy at UTRGV

The Anzaldúa Speaker Series in Philosophy was officially inaugurated in 2008 to honor Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa’s life and work by highlighting its unique philosophical significance. The Department of Philosophy together with the ongoing support of the Center for Mexican American Studies at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley invites intellectuals to share their current research, projects and/or to lead workshops with students, faculty, staff and the local and diverse communities to which we all belong.

Our yearly programs celebrate not only the immense influence Gloria Anzaldúa has had across many academic fields, on individuals, and within communities, but also the life changing contributions of a Rio Grande Valley native and alumnaof one of our legacy institutions – Pan American University.

All Anzaldúa Speaker Series in Philosophy events are open to the public. If you have any questions regarding the Series, please contact the coordinator Cynthia M. Paccacerqua here.

Visit the Anzaldúa Speaker Series in Philosophy website for more information regarding the story and vision behind the Series.