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Create a Bulletin in UTRGV Messenger

UTRGV Messenger is a service provided for posting official University news and announcements. To have a bulletin posted, you must be a University employee or an officer of an official University group. Bulletin submissions are subject to daily approval by designated Approver Groups.

Submissions will be REJECTED or REMOVED if the content is:

  • In violation of UTRGV or UT System policies or current laws.
  • Not official University news or announcements under the responsibility of the bulletin creator.
  • Considered offensive or contains links to third-party websites with questionable content.
  • An expression of personal opinions or points of view.

Read Guidelines and Advanced Tips for Creating Bulletins

Watch the video on how to create a bulletin; or follow the step by step instructions below.

PLEASE NOTE: Bulletins remain active for two weeks from the Approval Date.

In this Article:

A. Getting Started

B. Create a Bulletin

C. Adding an Image or Files to Personal Folders

D. Adding an Image or Files to Public Folders

E. Adding a Hyperlink

F. Adding a Table

G. Adding a Video

H. My Bulletins

A. Getting Started

  1. Log in to UTRGV Messenger (or the UTRGV Messenger Test Site)
  2. Enter your UTRGV account credentials.
    • Your full UTRGV username
    • Your UTRGV password
  3. Click Log In.

B. Create a Bulletin

To create a Bulletin:

  1. Enter a Title for the bulletin.
  2. Enter a brief Summary of the subject of the bulletin.
  3. Enter the Content for the body of the bulletin in the Text Editor window.
  4. Select a Category for the bulletin.
    • Happenings - upcoming UTRGV events, concerts, plays, sports, etc.
    • Heads Up - deadlines, campus alerts and closures, parking notifications, etc.
    • Kudos - share department or office accomplishments.
    • Training/Workshops - upcoming training or workshops.
  5. Select the Approver Group for the bulletin.
    • Academic Affairs, Student Success & P-16 Integration
      • Academic and Institutional Excellence
      • Assessment and Continuous Improvement
      • B3 Institute
      • Colleges
      • EVP for Academic Affairs, Student Success, and P-16 Integration
      • Faculty Affairs & Diversity
      • Honors College Student Life 
      • Student Success
    • Deputy President
      • Compliance 
      • Deputy President 
      • Legal Affairs
      • Office of Institutional Equity
      • Strategic Analysis & Institutional Reporting
      • University Marketing & Communications
    • Finance and Administration
      • Campus Auxiliary Services
      • Compliance 
      • Facilities Planning & Operations
      • Finance & Public Policy
      • Human Resources
      • Information Security
      • Information Technology
      • Operations
      • Planning & Analysis
      • Security & Campus Affairs
      • Sustainability
    • Health Affairs and School of Medicine
      • College of Health Affairs
      • School of Medicine
      • School of Nursing 
    • Institutional Advancement 
      • Alumni
    • Research, Graduate Studies & New Program Development 
      • COLLT
      • Continuing Education
      • EVP for Research, Graduate Studies & New Program Development
      • Global Engagement
      • Graduate College
      • Research & Innovation
      • University Library
    • Strategic Enrollment
      • Financial Aid
      • Recruitment & Scholarships
      • Student Data Analysis & Support 
      • UCentral
      • Undergraduate Admission
      • University Registrar
    • Athletics
    • Governmental and Community Relations
  6. Select a Start Date.
  7. Select an End Date.
  8. Select an Audience.
    • Students
    • Faculty/Staff
    • All
  9. Click Show Preview to see a live preview of the bulletin as it will appear.
  10. Click Submit to submit the bulletin for review and approval.

C. Adding Images and Files to Personal Folders

Images and Files must be added to your Personal Folder in the File Manager before they can be used in a bulletin. Once added, they can only be deleted by a UTRGV Messenger Administrator.

To add Images and Files to your Personal Folder:

  1. Click Launch File Manager.
  2. Click the Plus Sign (+) under Personal Folder.
  3. Click Choose File to browse for the graphic or image you want to add.
  4. Double-click the image to add it to your Personal Folder.
  5. Double-click on an image to add it to your bulletin.

D. Adding Images and Files to a Public Folder

Images and Files must be added to the Public Folders in the File Manager before they can be used in a bulletin. Once added, they can only be deleted by a UTRGV Messenger Administrator.

To add Images and Files to a Public Folder:

  • Please contact your UTRGV Messenger Administrator.

E. Adding a Hyperlink

You can copy and paste hyperlink directly into the content field.

To add a Hyperlink:

  1. Select the text or image in the bulletin's content you want to hyperlink.
  2. From the Content Menu, click Insert.
  3. Select Insert/Edit link.
  4. Paste or enter a URL in the URL field.
  5. Enter a Title.
  6. Select New Window for target.
  7. Click Ok.

F. Adding a Table

To add a Table:

  1. From the Content Menu, click Table.
  2. Select Insert table.
  3. Select number of columns and rows.
  4. Re-size the table by dragging the bottom right corner.

To change Table properties:

  1. Click on the Table.
  2. From the Content Menu, click Table.
  3. Select Table Properties.
  4. Change cell spacing, padding and border as needed.

Learn advanced tips for working with tables.

G. Adding a Video

To add a video:

  1. From the Content Menu, click Insert.
  2. Select Insert/Edit video.
  3. Copy and paste video URL in the Source field under the General tab.
  4. Click Ok.

H. My Bulletins

My Bulletins provides a record of all the bulletins you have created.

To learn more about this service, visit the UTRGV Messenger service page.