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Connect to Virtual Labs (vLab)

Return user

Log in to Virtual Labs using your UTRGV credentials which include your full UTRGV email address and UTRGV password.

New user

  1. Log in to Virtual Lab (
  2. Enter your full UTRGV Email Address and password in the User Name and Password fields.
  3. Accept the installation if prompted to install the client.
  4. Download and install the client from the Downloads tab at the top right if you are not prompted to install the client.
  5. Enable the Credentials Pass-Through during the installation when prompted.

To use the virtual lab (vLab) desktop:

  1. Go to Virtual Lab (

Note: The Quest vWorkspace should launch. Do not manually launch the Quest vWorkspace application.

  1. Double-click the Windows 7 icon to launch.
  2. Log off from the Virtual desktop when done.

To learn more about this service, visit the vLabs service page