Requesting Resources for Visiting Scholar's

Here is the procedure: In order to get the visiting scholar’s library services activated, the scholar/researcher will first need to obtain a Guest ID from Auxiliary Services.  For this, please fill out the biographical data form, and send it to, he will then proceed to create a record. If the scholar is here on a non-pay status, there is no need to provide a Social Security Number. Please be sure to let Mr. Homer Villalobos know on the email, that the scholar is being entered on a non-pay status.

Once the record has been created, please e-mail a request for ID to Mr. Homer Villalobos, it should include the Project Manager’s approval to bill for the ID and the Project Number of the account to which the ID cost should be billed. Please contact Homer Villalobos at for further instructions.

Once your request is processed, you will receive notice and further instructions from Auxiliary Services saying when the visiting scholar may pick up the Guest ID in the Academic Services Building. Please have the visitor take his/her passport when he/she picks up her ID.  Once he/she has secured his/her Guest ID, he/she may proceed with getting the Library Privileges activated.  

To activate Library Lending Privileges for scholars, your Administrative Assistant or Department Project Manager must submit the online Library Privileges Authorization Form. Please allow one business day fro processing. If you have any questions, then please feel free to email:

You will be notified when privileges have been granted via email.  After you receive email notification, you may ask the visitors to take their Guest ID to the library front desk to have their library services activated.

To request Computer Access, the department should complete the UTRGV IT Access Request and then route the form to Ms. Esmeralda Badillo, please also copy Mr. Frank Zecca and our office at It's up to the department to determine the type of access for the visiting scholar.

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The Office of International Programs and Partnerships is a resource you can always reach out to as well. We welcome you to The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and hope we can be of service to provide support and collaboration as needed. 
You are welcome to contact us at or visit us in Edinburg STAC 3.128 or in Brownsville 1.308.