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The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley through its HESTEC program is excited to host the very first Texas GreenPower USA Challenge electric car competition in Texas on April 6-7, 2018. The electric car competition will take place at the Brownsville South Padre Island Airport. Only 30 middle school, high school and college teams will have the opportunity to compete.

UTRGV and its award winning program, HESTEC, Hispanic Engineering, Science, and Technology Week, are proud to partner with GreenPower USA Foundation to bring this competition that uses the excitement of motorsport to inspire students from primary school to university to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) studies.

Mission and Goals

Mission: To advance education in the subjects of sustainable engineering and technology to young people. Greenpower runs engineering challenges for schools based around designing and building a single seat electric powered race car.

Goal 1 – To change current views about engineering, presenting it as a fascinating, relevant and dynamic career choice for any young person. The project strengthens college and career readiness.
Goal 2 – To link education, industry and community through inspirational engineering projects.
Goal 3 – To demonstrate the importance of engineering, and associated STEM subjects, to solve the problems faced by societies today particularly in the areas of sustainability.
Goal 4 – To promote social inclusion through engaging with vulnerable and economically disadvantaged young people.

Race Locations:
Alabama, Utah, California and now Texas!
More advanced teams earn opportunities to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and/or the United Kingdom.

Cost Estimate:

  • F 24 Electric Car Kit = $4,995.00
    To place an order for a complete car kit, visit
  • UTRGV HESTEC GPUSA Registration Fee = $500
    (Cost covers competition, t-shirts, breakfast and lunch for up to five students and two coaches)
  • Recommended Tool Kit (approximately) = $500

Approximate cost per team = $5,995.00 if you need to purchase tools. *The total cost does not include other gear required to include driver safety helmet and team clothing gear.

For more information, please contact
UTRGV Office of Community Relations
at (956) 882-5058 or contact Javier Garcia at
or Milton Hernandez


Register now to Compete at Greenpower USA South Texas Challenge 2018


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Required Tools

SIEMENS Ambassador Pack - is a comprehensive set of materials that can be used to bring Greenpower and the free Solid Edge 3D modeling software that supports the project to your community.

Payment Methods:

Please click here for a Customer Intake Form.

1)  Customer intake form must be filled out and sent to and from GreenPowerUSA. They will be providing you with a quote and invoice for your F-24 Electric Car Kit. Estimated shipping time is 6 – 8 weeks.

2)  If paying with a Credit Card please go to and create a Greenpower USA Account. After account has been created, please click to purchase your vehicle online through GreenPowerUSA.

If you have any question regarding the purchase of the Electric Car Kit, please contact or call 256-428-8000.

UTRGV is hosting the competition and questions regarding the details should be addressed to the UTRGV contacts.