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Working Group Reports

The planning for UTRGV has been underway for several months now. To inform the design of the new university, numerous working groups have been formed:  15 academic program working groups, 14 academic administration working groups, 15 operations administration working groups, and one students-only working group. In total there are 50 committees and working groups and more than 400 faculty, administrators, staff, and students fully engaged in the planning of the new university.

The academic program working groups were organized by broad discipline and were specifically charged with developing academic programs focused on serving the needs of our students, community, and region and that reflect the Guiding Principles outlined by the UT System Board of Regents. Working groups were specifically asked to identify programs that are trans-disciplinary and reflect the bicultural and bilingual principles of the new university.

The functional-based academic administration working groups were specifically charged to identify innovative and creative approaches to serve the needs of our students. The working groups were asked to design services for students using current technologies which can be applied innovatively and provide recommendations to direct the planning and design for the delivery of the services to students.

The operations administration working groups were charged with making recommendations on the types of operations administrative approaches the new university will utilize when it begins in fall 2015. The working groups were asked to dream of new and improved administrative processes and to be innovative and creative in the development of programs that will serve the needs of our students and our community.

The academic program, academic administration, and operations administration working group reports are available below. The first item in each list is a link to a file with the executive summaries for each report. The remaining items in each list link to the full report submitted by each of the working groups. We look forward to your comments and feedback on the innovative and cutting-edge ideas and recommendations for “current” and new academic programs and initiatives included in the reports. To post your comments and/or feedback, please click on the comments/feedback link on the left menu.

Academic Program Working Group Reports

DRAFT Academic Structure for UTRGV

​Academic Administration Working Group Reports

Operations Administration Working Group Reports