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The Center of Excellence in STEM Education

UTRGV STEM Faculty Mentors for Students

STEM Faculty Mentors are UTRGV faculty who reside in the College Science and Mathematics or in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The faculty provide their guidance and advice to students in these colleges regarding students' academic, career, and professional development. They have volunteered to mentor students and to answer any questions you may have, in particular, questions relating to graduate programs, summer research opportunities, scholarships/fellowships, or research. Therefore, please seek any of the STEM Faculty Mentors below or speak with your favorite professor.
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College of Science & Mathematics

Dr. Robert Gilkerson SCIE 2.320
Dr. Jameela Banu HSHW 1.102C
Dr. Frank Dirrigl SCIE 2.344
Dr. Teresa Feria SCIE 2.328
Dr. Christopher Vitek SCIE 2.324
Dr. Robert Dearth SCIE 1.320
Dr. Chris Smith SCIE 3.308
Dr. Jim Bullard (biochem) SCIE 3.320
Dr. Yuanbing Mao SCIE 3.368
Dr. Evangelia Kotsikorou SCNE 3.364
Dr. Joanne Rampersad SCIE 3.118
Dr. Zhaosheng Feng MAGC 3.730
Dr. Tim Huber MAGC 3.734
Dr. Sean Lawton MAGC 3.422
Dr. George Yanev MAGC 3.424
Dr. Xiaohui Wang MAGC 3.434
Dr. Iskra Nunez MAGC 3.210
Dr. Aaron Wilson MAGC 3.208
Dr. Cristina Villalobos MAGC 3.718
Physics & Geology    
Dr. Edgar Corpuz SCIE 3.130
Dr. Liang Zeng SCIE 3.134
Ms. Martha Casquete SCIE 3.136

College of Engineering & Computer Science

Manufacturing Engineering    
Dr. Kye-Hwan Lee ENGR 3.254
Dr. Rajiv Nambiar ENGR 3258
Dr. Hiram Moya ENGR 3224
Mechanical Engineering    
Dr. Arturo Fuentes ENGR 3.256
Mr. Gregory Potter ENGR. 3.218
Dr. Constantine Tarawneh ENGR 3.228
Civil Engineering    
Dr. Jungseok (Jay) Ho ASB 1.204
Mr. Jorge Vidal BUSA 120I
Computer Science    
Dr. Laura Grabowski ENGR 3.264A
Dr. Christine Reilly ENGR 3.272
Dr. Andres Figueroa ENGR. 3.264
Dr. Richard Fowler ENGR 3.2104