About Us

about us

The future of the STEM field not only depends on our undergraduate students but also on the students who currently reside in elementary, middle, and high school levels in their academic careers. We at C-STEM provide K-12 students with some of the same concepts that our undergraduate students receive. More specifically however, students can come and visit C-STEM in order to start familiarizing themselves with what STEM is and how it can be beneficial to them at all levels of their lives. Their schools bring them to visit the STEM Center, where they are given presentations by our technical staff about various topics in STEM and at the end they get to apply the knowledge they just learned in a hands on activity.

C-STEM holds many academic and professional development workshops throughout the semester. Topics include: Exploring Research Opportunities, Summer Research Internships, Applying to Graduate School, and Graduate School Fellowships. Additionally, we also have distinguished faculty members give their personal take on the aforementioned topics while also giving students feedback on how they should prepare themselves for the application process. Now, if that wasn’t enough, C-STEM also invites all students to attend viewings of TED Talks in order to promote networking and exciting conversation.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit our website, please be sure to explore all the resources that we have available for you. If you have any questions, please be sure to Contact Us!

Kindly, C-STEM Staff.